April Fools Pranks

Being a teacher on April Fools Day is probably one of the highlights of the school year. I remember being a kid myself and falling for the tricks that my teacher, parents and friends would play on me year after year. Now as an adult and a teacher/parent it is my turn! I’ll start with one of the smaller pranks that always work on the kiddos. I simply call it, “No recess.”

“No Recess,” is pretty simple, and it works on almost all elementary classes. You don’t need any supplies for this prank, just your sense of humor. When the children get to school and class begins all you have to do is make this remark, “Class, due to reasons out of my control we will not be having any recess today.” Then you just wait for it….because the moaning and groaning will begin. Try to keep your cool because the kids will ask many questions throughout the day as to why they cannot have recess. As recess approaches and the kids get antsy and beg to go outside, just yell out, “APRIL FOOLS!!!!” They will be in shock for a second and then hopefully laugh as my students did and always do.

The second prank can be called whatever you like and is pretty self explanatory. It works well on almost all grade levels. The only materials you will need is extra study sheets and assignments to hand out throughout the day. During the class period hand out several different assignments to the students and inform them that all the assignments will be due at the first of the next class period. Most of the students will be distraught because of the homework. Near the end of class once again just yell out, “APRIL FOOLS!!” They too will be ecstatic to not have that much homework.

The third and last prank is by far my favorite!!! It also works well on all grade levels. For this prank you will need more materials. You will need the following; applesauce or vanilla pudding, green food coloring, spoons and bowls, and a way to video a small video (I’ll explain more). First off you will need double of all of these materials, half for the class and half for the video. Tell the students in the that you have a special ingredient that is a secret and when you show them the video they will see it. Give them the pudding/applesauce to eat as they watch the video. Bring the video on a flash drive or laptop so you can show it to the students. At home, record yourself making the pudding/applesauce green with food coloring; call it your special mix. After you mix the food coloring together with the pudding/applesauce and it turns green record yourself putting the bowl on the floor and then stick your feet in it!!!! Yes, I said it! Stick your feet in it, and talk about how good it feels and that that is the special ingredient. Of course you didn’t’t stick your feet in the one you fed them, but they won’t know that! To prevent anyone from puking you might have to tell them quickly, April Fools! But if no one is in danger of puking it is fun to let them think for a while that you did stick your feet in the mix.

Have a great April Fools day!!! Hope these pranks work for you as good as they worked for me!!