April Fool’s Pranks for Beginners

It is April first and you really want to have some fun with your friends and family but you are stumped. It is normal and don’t panic because today you will have some fun with one of the oldest tricks in the book of April Fool’s pranks. You don’t even need much in the way of materials to pull this one off and create giggles all around the house.

First of all you need a kitchen sink. This one is easy because most homes have a kitchen sink unless you live in a grass hut. If you are one of the lucky people to have a kitchen sink then there is a good chance that the sink you have access to will also have a water sprayer on the side of the main faucet. This is a good thing because if you have these two items you are only one step away from pulling a classic and hilarious prank on unsuspecting victims.

In most cases the sink with a water sprayer will have a black handle that activates the spray nozzle. If this is the case for you then your next item that you will need will be a roll of black electrical tape. You know that drawer in the kitchen that has a lot of junk in it? This would be a good place to look for black electrical tape. If not then check in the wash room or garage in a tool box. Any father worth his salt will have electrical tape somewhere in the house and if he is a super dad then he will have several different colors of electrical tape handy. If you have a black trigger on your water sprayer then use black electrical tape and if it is a different color such as white or green then pick your color of electrical tape accordingly. In the case of a chrome sprayer you can always use clear gift wrapping tape to pull this prank.

If you have your tape color and your sink ready it is time to set up your prank. You will want to take the electrical tape and carefully wrap it around the trigger of the water sprayer in order to hold it in the down position or open position. Carefully wrap the trigger one or two times around the handle and make sure that the tape stays flat so that it is hard to notice upon first glance. This works regardless of the color of the handle as long as the tape color closely matches the color of the handle. If you can’t match the color then use clear gift wrapping tape and make sure to only wrap the handle one or two times so that the tape is not obvious and unless you are looking for it most people will not see it. The set up is important in order to gain the shock effect.

Now test the set up you have just produced by turning on the water just a little bit and make sure that the sprayer is working properly. If you get the results that you are looking for then it is time to move on to the next step. The hose connected to the sprayer under the sink should be plastic or some other form of flexible material. Make sure you position the spray head to face anyone that is approaching the sink to get water or wash dishes. You can reach under the sink by accessing the hose through the cabinet below the sink that most people use for storage of every day kitchen items. Slightly twist the hose as needed in order to make sure the water sprayer is facing directly where someone would be standing if they were to use the sink and turn on the water from the faucet.

Now you are ready to pull your prank. All of your work and testing your set up will pay off but you can’t be obvious about it. Don’t tell your potential victim to use the sink, let it happen naturally. Most people will use their kitchen sink several times a day, especially on a weekend so make sure you don’t give away your intentions.

Now you wait for your first customer. Be casual and relaxed as they approach the sink for access to the water. Enjoy the shock and awe effect as your prank victim turns on the water and sprays it all over the front of their body. Get ready to run but before you do shout “APRIL FOOL’S!”