April Fool Pranks to Pull on Students

Don’t you love April Fool’s Day? It’s an excuse to have a little harmless fun with your class. If you can keep a straight face while students are wearing panicked expressions, here are some fun ideas to try out on 4th -6th graders. Of course, you should know your class’s personality to choose the prank that will work best.


This prank requires only the chalkboard, whiteboard or whatever you usually write the assignments on. The afternoon of April Fools Eve (March 31), write a totally unreasonable amount of homework assignments on the board. After the students have finished copying the assignments into their assignment pads, announce the inevitable “April Fool”, and mark only the actual assignments.


For this prank you need one sheet of paper and an envelope for each student. Type the words “APRIL FOOL” on letter size paper. Print enough copies for everyone to receive one. Put each letter in an envelope and seal it. On the front print “To the Parents of___Student’s Name______. Before passing out the envelopes, give one of your best teacher lectures on proper behavior. Convince the students that this class has finally pushed you beyond your limits, and you are sending a letter to each of their parents informing them of the consequences. More than likely, they will decide to peek before the letter makes it home and then appreciate the joke!


Make an announcement that the local board has made the decision to extend the school year 3 weeks beyond the original ending date. Therefore, the class can now do an extra research report. Try to stifle your chuckles as the students begin to groan!


Pull out a copy of a previously given math test. At the end of the written directions, write “Read the entire test before working any problems.” At the end of the test, write “Congratulations for reading the entire test. You do not have to work any problems. Sign the paper, and turn it in immediately.” Watch the bewildered expressions as students are feverishly working and wondering how others are finishing so quickly.


This requires a little more effort, but it is worth it. All you need is a bottle of clear nail polish and a bottle of polish remover. The day before April Fool’s Day, announce that each student needs to organize his desk and have one sharpened pencil inside his desk in the front, ready to begin the next day. After school, dip each pencil in clear nail polish. See how long it takes the class to realize that nobody’s pencil works. The pencils can be dipped in polish remover to get them writing again.