April 24th Rap Concert at Peabodys Featuring Trick Trick, Young Buck, and D12

If you were wondering what you could do on Easter and you are a fan of rap, hopefully you were at this concert, if not you missed out. The house was packed with people enthusiastic about local rap and the feature acts. I am an enthusiastic rap fan and was excited to hear local rappers who were on the top of their game for this concert. Each rap group got about a half hour for their set which offered for lots of performers before the feature acts. The problem was that a lot of local rappers did not say what the name of their group was making it hard or nearly impossible to review them. I will review the ones that I have names for and the feature acts.

The concert took place at Peabodys which is known for rap and rock type concerts. The owner of Peabodys also owns a place in Mentor, Ohio called Livewire Lounge which has a lot of rock shows. Peabodys is in Downtown Cleveland and offers a terrific venue for drinks and a good concert with a main stage and a side stage allowing for lots of people to enjoy good shows. The concerts are all reasonably priced at both Peabodys and Livewirwe Lounge. Next time you want to see a fun concert check out one of these two venues.

The group called 65th was on the side stage. The rappers had high energy which they demonstrated through their dancing and their word flow. They had a traditional hip-hop look with gold teeth and in my opinion they even sounded professional. They also had the look of the more old school rappers than the modern rappers that are out there. They had good background beats for their raps. After their set the group was very approachable even giving me a hug and shaking my hand and my friend’s hand.

On the main stage was a local rap group called B.B.M.A. They had three rappers of mixed ethnicity which was unique for the rap groups. They were able to have some fast flows but the beats were not that great and the raps they shared were not terrific. They had a lot of energy but were not one of my favorites. They rapped mostly about girls. The group had a lot of followers and was approachable at the end of their act for people to ask their name or buy their cds.

On the main stage after B.B.M.A. was a group called 49ers. They had six African-American rappers with high energy and good raps. They had a fast flow and the audience liked them and seemed enthusiastic to see them. The group was appreciative of the audience, which may have fed into the audience’s enthusiasm for the group. This group had a longer set than a lot of the other sets. One of the rappers looked like Kanye West with the glasses that he was wearing. I could not find a site for them.

On the main stage later in the evening was a group called Knox Around Boys. They were high energy dancing and rapping. They had four members and were rapping about bling bling, weed, haters, and money. Some members wore hats with the name of the rap group on them. This was another group that I could not find a site for at this time.

On the main stage following the above mentioned act was a rapper named Lucky. He had good raps and talked about breaking up in his raps. He had good beats and was overall a good act to watch. He was a local artist who wants appreciation for the fans and for the local rappers so they can keep on thriving. Lucky also did not have a website that I could find at this time.

Following the local acts were the well awaited main acts that did not get on stage until around midnight. The first feature act was Trick Trick. He was on the main stage as were all of the other feature acts. The act has two rappers that are high energy and that have very good raps. The group was dancing and had the audience very excited. The rappers had the traditional rap look and were very approachable shaking the audience’s hands’ including mine. They stated that even gangsters boogie and had the audience doing the boogie. The group had on a lot of bling bling. The group was from Detroit and offered a number the audience could text to be entered to win a trip to Detroit and also giving away cars.

The next feature act was Young Buck. Young Buck had high energy and wore lots of bling bling. The audience was excited about the rapper and the rapper wanted the audience’s involvement during his set. He liked the women in the audience and was not shy to say it. He was pro-weed and asked the audience about their drug use. Young Buck played a lot of his older rap songs during the set. He talked about freedom and the fighting you sometimes have to do to have it. He did Shawty Wanna Ride which I was looking forward to hearing. Young Buck put on a fun and good show in the time that he had.

The last feature act was D12. They had the audience waiting a while for them to come on stage and the audience got more and more excited as they waited. Eminem did not come to Cleveland for this show and there was even a song cussing Eminem out. The group showed appreciation for the audience shaking people’s hands. I had my hand shook multiple times by one of the rappers in the group. The group is pro-weed and drinking. They had a pop rap style with good raps and lots of energy. They did some mixtape raps with Eminem in the background of them. They rapped about women and drugs. At the time of this act the audience was a lot smaller due to the fact that it was now late on a Sunday night but those that stay got a good treat. They played My Band and Blue and Yellow and Purple Pills, song from back when they first became popular. They showed respect for Proof who had passed some years ago. The concert went until two and was high energy and good times the whole time through.