April 13th is Scrabble Day

Eureka vocabulary builders, you have found it! Players, prepare for the renewed challenge of making your Scrabble words out of seven letters and the special bonus spaces. At low affordable prices there are many more varieties of Scrabble games to play and the classic game is venerated with a holiday of its own. You can’t lose because you can play again on another Scrabble Day.

Word enthusiasts scramble for the Scrabble tiles! You have a big holiday Scrabble event to celebrate and it is coming up soon in April. As many Scrabble hounds are aware April 13th is Scrabble Day. You are sure to know plenty of vocabulary words then, whether they be large or small. Scrabble is a great mental exercise that is believed to help to keep your brain and mind alive and functioning. Yes, playing Scrabble is fun and it is good for you and it is celebrated with and on its own holiday, Scrabble Day. Scrabble is considered a good gift to give to seniors and others for mental stimulation to add years to their lives.

Interested? Great, because Scrabble has grown and developed many new features and game playing styles. Now you can also play Scrabble electronically, in 3 D crossword game UpWords and with Play A Thon Fundraising Kits to raise money. Scrabble has created a Flash electronic Scrabble game and an iPad version with multiplayer games that can be played on iPads. Scrabble also features a Nab-It crossword style game and a Scrabble Valentine Greeting Card Game Kit. Scrabble has a very portable Scrabble Slam Card Game and Scrabble can also be folded and taken anywhere with Scrabble Deluxe and the Folio Scrabble edition. All of these Scrabble games are available on the website at Hasbro.com.

Eager and waiting intensely for your next Scrabble game? If you have Scrabble stamps, greeting cards, stationery or note paper you can use them to send messages for Scrabble Day. You can also Zazzle up a Scrabble Day party with many Scrabble themed products. Yes, people on the Zazzle website have created many products with the familiar letter tile Scrabble images. Of course your whole team can sport Zazzle Scrabble buttons, t shirts and hats at the big events.

So create some invitations to a Scrabble Day party. Zazzle has them. How about a Scrabble theme created with Scrabble stickers, aprons, ties, shoes, mugs, t shirts, hats and bags? Zazzle has all this and more. How can you say no to a game on your Scrabble calendar? If you don’t want to spend too much on these products, you can create your own at Zazzle and get part of the money yourself. Scrabble is an award-winning family classic that has stood the test of time. The fun word creation game has been played by millions. It was created in 1938 and it’s still a popular family game.