Appreciating Mom on Mother’s Day with Movies

There are very few relationships in life as complex and rewarding as the ones between a mother and her child. Even in the wild, mothers of the animal kingdom can be seen defending their cubs to the death. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we should all pause a moment and let the rush of everyday life flow around us, and simply sit for a moment and appreciate the woman that have given us life. What better way to share a special day with mom than through the eyes of other’s imaginations? Below are some of the best movies about mother and child relationships, and how they approach the various forms of motherhood and what they mean.


No one ever said that being a mother meant sharing the same blood. In stepmom, director Chris Columbus dares to take a look at being a stepmother and how the presence of a second wife complicates the relationship between a biological mom and her children. What is it like to be torn between two woman, both which you care about?

Anywhere But Here

No relationship is more complex than that of a single mother and her child. What does it mean to be a mother raising a daughter all on your own? Susan Saradon and Natalie Portman do a superb job of portraying a mother trying her best to give her daughter a good life and to be happy at the same time, and a daughter who thinks all she wants in life is to escape from under her mother’s wing.

Steel Magnolias

We have all lost someone to death at one point or another, and Steel Magnolias takes a heart breaking look at a mother who is forced to watch her daughter succumb to a horrible illness, and the hardships of losing a child in the spring of their youth.

Real Woman Have Curves

Most of us face body issues our entire lives, but this movie takes an in depth look at what it’s like to grow up in an alien environment and uncomfortable in your own skin. What is it like to have a mother that can’t seem to accept you for whom you are, and how do you handle learning to love yourself when everyone else is telling you that you need to change? This movie is great for not only examining mother and daughter relationships, but for learning to look at the relationship you have with yourself.

Riding in Cars with Boys

Mother and daughter relationships are emotional and complex, but the relationship that very few movies seem to want to examine is the one between a single mother and her son. Riding in Cars with Boys does an amazing job of questioning how raising a child of the opposite sex affects both people, and how sometimes the person who loves you most is the one person you need to get away from.

The relationship between a mother and her child is endless and amazing, and all the forms of motherhood are examined in these movies, each with their own voices, and each with the grace of a master storyteller.

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