Applying for a Job Online- What You Should Do to Get the Job

Many employers will require an individual to apply online for a job, which is both convenient but difficult to do since the employer basically has to regard the original application based on the quality of the application itself, not having a face to place to the application. Furthermore, it’s all too easy to apply for a job online and then totally forget about it, since the individual applying never has to step foot in the workplace in which they are hoping to be hired. Here is how to apply for a job online so you can best get your application to stand out, and cross your fingers, get the job!

When filling out your online application, be as detailed about yourself as possible regarding your work history and qualifications, putting your home and cell phone number on the application, and that you are willing to commute if the job you are applying for is more than a half hour from where you live. You want your application to be something that the employer can really get into, knowing much about you so they can almost decide just reading it that they want to hire you, sight unseen.

Make a written list of the places you have applied to online, and the date you applied to them, their addresses and contact information. This way, you remember where you’ve already applied to online and how long ago you did so. You don’t want to draw a blank when you get a phone call and sound surprised that a potential employer is calling you for an interview because you forgot you applied to work for them online in the first place.

Unless the application says otherwise, still take the effort to go into the workplace in person and ask for the manager or supervisor about 3 days after applying for them online if they have not called you yet. Odds are, they may be slightly annoyed that you came to “apply” in person, but telling them your name and that you did indeed apply online and that you were just checking up on your application may give you the upper hand- the employer can match an eager face to an awesome application this way. Don’t do this, however, if the job ad or application states not to apply in person, and don’t ever call to check up on an application. If an email address is provided, you can also use your email to contact them to check up on your application. You want to stay in touch.

If you haven’t heard from the company you are applying to within a week or so, don’t just assume they will never call you. Sometimes, employers will take applications for a few weeks or more. Check in on your application every week or so until you hear the position has been filled. Sometimes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease- if you keep coming back in to check on your application, you must really want the job! A better incentive on your part than just clicking “submit” and then waiting like most people are likely doing. However, if the employer tells you that they will “call” when they have made a decision for hiring when you go in, they are telling you to quit coming in already! You don’t want to be annoying. Simply repeat your name and tell them thank you, that you look forward to hearing from them, and don’t go back in again. You’ve likely made your impression. Stopping in twice is usually sufficient.

It’s so easy to fill out that online application and then just wait for the magic phone to ring. However, when applying for a job online, you still have to make that first (or second) impression to really get the job, so do your checking in and you just may get the job!


applying online for jobs myself (which I really hate)