Apply Makeup for a Fresh and Natural Look

1.Try to avoid liquid foundation. It is a common misconception that you need liquid foundation to cover your flaws. With liquid foundation, it is very difficult to match the shade to your skin tone, so you will often see a makeup line and a very distinct shade difference from your face to your neck and declate. Try a powder mineral makeup. This makeup is good for your skin and offers great coverage for rosacea, acne and scaring.

Tip: Grape a concealer brush (the flat kind) and dab it in the powder prior to applying the foundation. Dab it on your imperfections and you will watch them disappear! The foundation will act as a concealer so you have two products in one. Once you have your imperfections covered, you would then use a larger brush to buff on the powder foundation in a circular motion. (Remember to tap the brush on the lip of the container to shake off some of the foundation: Less is more!)

2. When working with the eyes I like to use natural earth tones with a light shimmer. This will brighten up the eyes. Look for an eyeshadow with three colors palettes to choose from. The first is a lighter color that will go on the brow bone just under the eyebrow. I also like to dab a light color inside the corner of my eyes (between the eye and the nose) to make the eyes shimmer and pop. Next you would apply a color a shade darker over the lid. The final color is the darkest and would go right inside the crease of the eye. This color is optional and should only be used during the day if you plan to blend all the colors with a larger shadow brush.

Tip: Use three different brushes on each color. The smaller the brush, the more defined the shadow will look. Remember we are going for the natural look so you may want to grab a larger shadow brush and blend them all together after the shadow is applied. This will lighten up the look and make the eyes look soft.

3. Eyeliner is optional during the day and should be used minimally if at all. If you insist on liner try a blackish brown color instead of the solid black. This helps to make the eyes look more natural but still gives them definition.

Tip: I like to smudge my liner for a daytime look so the lines are less defined and dark. This can be done by purchasing a liner that comes with a smugger or the same affect can be made with QTip or cotton swab.

4. Mascara should always be worn, day and night, to make the eyes pop but don’t cake it on and make sure you remove any clumps. Avoid using a toothpick as this can be very dangerous. Try a lash brush instead.

Tip: Be very careful not to poke yourself in the eye! You may want to find a Brownish Black Mascara instead of a black one for the daytime natural look.

5. Bronzer when used correctly can be your best friend. It makes you look healthy, youthful, and sun kissed! Remember, less is more. Always tap the brush on the lip of the container to shake off any excess bronzer from the brush before applying.

Tip: If you do apply too much, simply dust a light coat of your powder foundation over your face to blend the bronzer and lighten the affect.

6. Final touch: Lipgloss! There are clear lip glosses or tinted ones for a more dramatic look but remember, we are going for the daytime natural look so I would suggest a clear gloss or one that is slightly tinted with light pink or coffee hues.

Tip: Once you apply the gloss dab your lips one time with a tissue to remove some for a more natural look.

And there you have it! Six easy steps to apply minimal makeup to look fresh and natural.

Things to avoid

1. Dark shadows or lip sticks

2. Liquid liner

3. Bright eyecolors such as blues, greens or bright pinks

4. Liquid foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone

5. Colored mascara

6. Dark blush