Apple’s IPAD2 is Tailor Made for Asian Americans

Over 50 percent of the Asian American community has obtained a degree from a higher institute of learning. The technological skills they acquire at school are transferred into their professional careers and lead them to constantly look for new and improved ways to navigate through their hectic lives. It looks like they might have found what they are searching for with the new IPAD2 from Apple. The innovative gadget offers technology savvy Asian Americans an ergonomic machine which allows for: communication via video conference, higher web browsing speeds, and increased accesses to important money transfer applications.

The most noticeable change in the IPAD2 is that it has narrowed down to 8.8mm in thickness, and slimmed down to just 601 grams. This sleek design is perfect for today’s dynamic business person who is constantly on the go and doesn’t want to be bogged down with a bulky piece of machinery. Yet, the amazing fact is that with less volume you receive more functionality. The new machine supports Microsoft Exchange Active Sync which allows important e-mail and calendar events to be pushed automatically from the user’s company network to their personal IPAD2. This form of seamless integrations is critical for the contemporary worker that depends on online communication to do business.

Another important addition to the IPAD 2 is its “face time” feature which gives the user access to the most recent video conference technology. The touch pad enables the person you are speaking with to see your face via the front camera, while simultaneously viewing your surroundings via the back camera. With a simple tap on the phone Asian Americans will be able to share anything they don’t want their loved ones to miss. So now birthdays, graduations, first steps, and more can comfortably be shared with relatives in the Philippines, China, and anywhere else their extended family and friends reside.

Most importantly the new IPAD2 has a dual core A-5 chip which allows for faster internet browsing capability. This is vital for the many Asian Americans who rely on instantaneous access to important news and business information. The swiftness of the new machine enables the user to save time and be able to focus on other important things in their lives. This is a welcome change for the many Filipino and Chinese Americans who use the internet to stay connected with their families. Whether speaking on Skype, sending pictures, or making money transfers to loved ones; a fast connection is essential. Ametees Dira, VP of Marketing at Forex Express, states that ” the IPAD2 gives our customers the luxury of sending money in astoundingly fast times. A sender who is stuck in a red light in L.A. can make a money transfer so that his mother in the Philippines has the cash in her hands before the light turns green.”

Smart users will be well served to take advantage of the new IPAD2 in order to bring balance to their chaotic lifestyles. The new ergonomic design and enhanced features will surely be appreciated by today’s Asian American consumer.