Apple Vs. Microsoft

Steve Jobs and Apple receive a lot of flack from many haters, but they also receive a lot of support from a very strong camp of Mac users. The same can can be said of Microsoft. Personally I have used everything from Windows to Mac, including Linux flavors.

The Windows operating system does a lot of things right. The biggest thing that both sides of the debate forget is that certain operating systems are for different people. Some people work better on Windows, some work better on Macs. Certain jobs and the software required may dictate whether someone uses Mac or Windows. Some people, as I do, use both. In many instances the preference of Operating System is exactly that, a preference.

When discussing this topic with people on both sides of the fence I get some rather vague answers, everything from “just because” to “they are too popular” seem to crop up. Many people say that they have nothing against one or the other, but rather the “fanboys” of said rival. In the subject of the die hard fanboys I tend to agree that they are annoying. I’ve met some very stubborn people who will fight tooth and nail for one side or the other even if the issue was brought up as a general question of “which do you use”. These near anger outbursts in such situations are futile. Its like arguing about politics or religion.

In the end I don’t really care which operating system a person uses on their computer. Personally I use Mac, mainly because I was spending so much time working on my computers that I felt that I was missing the important part of actually enjoying my computers. Mac has allowed me to get back to simply just using the computer. In my opinion the logic behind the software of Mac is logical and efficient. At work I must use a Windows machine, mainly due to the fact that many companies have yet to make the switch especially when confronted with the cost of the Apple platforms. While there is a cost difference, I believe that the cost difference is well worth it, and actually in the long run saves money. But I am not here to discuss prices.

In the end people will use what they prefer or a mix depending on the job, location, or availability. It’s not the rivalry that bothers many but the way the fanboys act. Being close minded in regards to one or the other operating systems is nothing but counter productive. So use what you want or what you need, but please remember to keep an open mind and let people use whatever they prefer.