Apple One to One User Review of Service

I purchased Apple’s One to One service when I purchased my MacBook Pro at the Apple Store in Roosevelt Field. Both my sister (a long time Mac user) and the Apple store employee suggested that I purchase the One to One Service from Apple since I have never used a Mac before.

Its important to mention that Apple’s One to One membership is only available to those who purchase their Macs from an Apple store on the day of purchase. It is not available to customers who purchase from Best Buy and other retailers although they may have classes of their own.

I booked my Apple One to One service a week after purchasing my MacBook Pro so that I would have time to cruise around and see what features I needed help with. Booking the class is simple. Just log in on the Apple One to One website with your password you set up the day of purchase.

Apple One to One offers three types of service to its members. They are face to face personal sessions, small group workshops and internet based. Within those categories are many lessons to choose from.

When I arrived at my Apple Store I was surprised to be greeted by a woman with an iPad who tracked me down and sat me at the appropriate table. When I got there the store was practically empty, it wasn’t open to the general public yet.

I sat down next to a man who said he had taken many classes at Apple and that he loves them. Unfortunately, he did have one complaint. Nobody there could teach him how to use word. He was very frustrated with the help he did get. This man wanted to learn word and he didn’t care that it was “not” an Apple program. Aside from

that, I saw him later and he was smiling giving me thumbs up. He was learning something, I’m not sure what but someone showed him something. He was also excited for me that I was getting such good help and was clearly very pleased.

I had a general One to One introduction to Mac. I actually asked for a workshop but I was the only person there for it so I got the royal treatment. It was fabulous. The guy was very hip to all things Apple and showed me the basics of iPhoto, iMovie, how to get around Safari and set preferences, how to use the apple contact book, calendar, how to water mark photos for my blog and a few other things. He also showed me a bunch of short cut keys which are turning out to be quite helpful.

All in all, I felt I got my money’s worth on that first day. I am so pleased that I am going to be booking my next Apple One to One again soon. I’ll also be booking it for the morning again before the mall store gets crowded. Apple Stores get packed fast.

With Apple One to One, you can also have them transfer all of the information from your old computer to your last computer free of charge. You’ll have to leave it with them for a day or so to make the transfer.

What I Paid: $90
What it includes: As many lessons as you can take in a year.
Where to Get One to One Service: Any Apple Store
Would I recommend it to a friend? Absolutely!
Is it a good value for the money? Yes
Where did I Go: Apple Store, Roosevelt Field, Garden City, NY