Apollo’s Apple

Apollo’s parentage, according to legend, was thus spurt twin or one-half
of a set, given his sister Artemis, the divine children of Zeus and Leto lovers join
in swan magic and circling birth’s isle Greek shower of golden reprieve that apple
of desire, not that magical misting, Leda of swooned, taken upon swan-winged core
hatched, the delight of a Ruler in Olympus, his passion for Leto a mere slice
of thee his consummate love and longing to be born of earth/mortal, Hera’s scorned seed

But not even Apollo was born without some flaw as so true of the seed
encased in pip, for with its sweet pectin, it contains traces of cyanide not half
as dangerous upon taste or swallow but enough to allow the knowledge of slice
to a bitter taste follow, Dear Apollo, thus spake, many loves’ affair so true join
blood shared of your father, Zeus, and likened to him, a promiscuous core
made of and through poured many a mistress, but it could be said only one true apple

Grown from a tree, not bearing any literal fruit but to laurel, the apple
fallen to ground and taken in sorrow, yes, we speak of Daphne, a new seed
born of nymph, and daughter to Ladon, God of river, whence her pleas hit the core
in rive, God, begging unto Peneus to help her hasten escape from Apollo’s grasp half
reaching–half needing as he stepped to embrace, Daphne, transformed into tree, never to join
arms with Apollo thence forth he took up the laurel, branches with which he would slice

To herald his sacred love, but alas, fickle to truth, Apollo fleeted upon and another slice,
that delicious Cyrene, bore child, and with and upon came Aristeaus demi-god fruit tree apple
protector of cattle, deity of husbandry, hunting and bee keeping join
ranks of some of Apollo’s ”…”Delicious’ offspring and leisurely lustful seed
planted into nymph, goddess and mortal alike not to say one is more or less a half
a mere wonderful, but alas Apollo gave forth and expunging unto plenty his godly core

Grafted or budded this Apollo of apples soon propagated and come earth’s core
delighted to set root another relative of the rose, yes, he is of the good earth slice
for soil and favorite god, such as the fruit for many a Greek and Roman alike though half
alike neither culture admonished, and taken to bite the compare pomology with mythology of an apple
or an Apollo, similar in name and similar in branch, the lyre, the muse, the archery, the medicinal seed
parallel each other in fibers contained, teachers patronage, the bulls-eye upon head, the eating health join

To dissuade all that ails you thus entwined and bound of the compare 25% air, 25% twin equals join
or 50% not unlike that old piece of silver, heralding back to the mid 19th century, and lost ideals core
of the first colonies, the philosophy of Apollo, intellectual inquiry, pilgrims planting grafted apple seed
took U.S root in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the founding fathers and founding ideals gave the slice
of new life, and brought healing to old ideals and “prophecy” to a needful, religious pruning of Washington’s apple
trees or winter banana, the melt-in-your-mouth, wintering branches pruned, tripod, barren trees reflect Apollo’s half

To merely state, or 50 states, 100 percent, the apple is grown, thus represents Apollo the Artemis half slice
two Greek gods separate, twins making one whole core, thus we have the Apollo or the apple
and together or half, the conjunction is unmistakable, yet neither is believed grown today from an earthen sown seed.