Anthony Weiner Resigns After Twitter Scandal Explodes

Update III

[It looks like Anthony Weiner is going to resign. Too much pressure from all sides? Well, this might be a potentially career-saving move if Weiner disappears for awhile, lets America forget about him and what he did, and then runs again with the same old Weiner bombast. He might be just fine.

Also, this has got to be the first politician whose career is ruined, or at least temporarily ruined, by acts on Twitter. Poor guy, he’s embarrassed enough. At least he wasn’t soliciting prostitutes, like David Vitter. Or tap dancing in the Minneapolis airport men’s bathroom like Larry Craig. Some actions are bad, and others are just embarrassing. But that’s America for you.

“We could see his weiner in his shorts! It was half-erect!” And that’s enough to make Americans question somebody’s lawmaking ability. Hi ho, as the King of Candlesticks says.

Hi ho.]

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Update II

[Life keeps getting worse for Rep. Anthony Weiner. Today the X-rated picture that Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart had been holding hostage was leaked by radio show hosts Opie and Anthony. (see article and picture here) Breitbart has been threatening to release this photo all week, which turns out to be a picture of Weiner’s penis.

Breitbart has been carrying this photo around on his mobile device, and it seems that he didn’t want the photo to be leaked. At least not yet. But this morning he passed around his phone, which was displaying the picture, so Opie and Anthony could see it. A camera that was in the building happened to capture the image on the phone, and the radio show hosts leaked it onto Twitter.

It’s an ugly world, and even uglier for Weiner. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz has been calling for Weiner to resign while Salon’s Joan Walsh argues there is no criminal action, yet, that would make a resignation needed. Andrew Breitbart said if this X-rated photo ever got out, Weiner would have to resign, or be kicked out, and his career would be over forever.

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Personally, I don’t think this picture ups the stakes any more than that it is pornographic, but it still doesn’t mean Weiner has neglected his lawmaking duties, and that he’s involved in anything criminal here. There is an ethics investigation going on, and if that turns up anything criminal, then he should resign.

He is bringing shame to the Democratic Party, and the Republicans are using this as a leverage point (perfect timing, too, when most of America was finally upset about the GOP’s proposed destruction of Medicare), but the Republicans didn’t call for Vitter to resign, or Ensign. Vitter was dealing in heavy prostitution, and he’d even called the DC Madame during congressional hearings.

Eric Cantor didn’t think Vitter should resign, and in fact, Vitter is still in office. So the right and left should cut the bullshit and be consistent with this. Weiner hasn’t broken any laws that we know of. Weiner hasn’t been campaigning on strong family values, like Vitter and Ensign and Larry Craig, and on. So there isn’t even an element of hypocrisy.]


[Congressman Weiner has held a press conference confirming the claims that were made by Big Government earlier today. You can watch the video here. Weiner is apologizing all over the place. To Andrew Breitbart. To the media. To his wife. She’s extremely disappointed, Weiner said.

The bloodthirsty media grilled, lectured, and repeatedly asked Congressman Weiner stupid questions, like: Did you have phone sex with these women? Where’s your wife? The press acted like a bunch of hungry snakes that haven’t eaten in years. This is what these people do best. They enjoy rolling in the excrement of others.

One irritating female voice rose above the rest lecturing Weiner about being intimate with women on social media sites: What if these women were underage? How do you know they’re telling the truth? These girls are young enough to be your daughters, sir.

I’m sick of the personal questions. Let us get back to the real political issues soon. But with people like that female reporter, it’s unlikely we will move on from this very personal Weiner obsession.]

I mentioned early on in the Weinergate Twitter scandal that I sensed something fishy with the congressman’s alleged Twitter hack and ‘lewd’ photo affair. Read about Weinergate and my very jealous female friend who also wanted a topless Weiner photo.

Anthony Weiner has been talking all over the place about the Twitter scandal that erupted just before Memorial Day. Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government first broke the story about the strange underwear ‘boner’ picture that appeared on the congressman’s Twitter account. The media became obsessed with the image, and now Big Government claims there are more women coming forward saying they’ve had consensual relationships with Weiner online. Lewd photos have been shared and sexy language traded.

Are the claims true? Andrew Breitbart is a foe to some people, and a savior to others. Depending on which side of the spectrum you have placed yourself, the evidence is either questionable or very credible. Either way, the claims are serious for Weiner.

I’m in an awfully depressed state after reading the new evidence that has ’emerged’ about the Weinergate scandal. I like Anthony Weiner, I think he’s doing good work in Washington, and I would hate to see his career get tanked over a little sexual play. But that’s how America works. Spitzer was taken out, although the charges were more serious in that case, and I can never forget Larry Craig’s wide stance in the Minneapolis, Minnesota airport bathroom.j

But that latter debacle was disgusting. I haven’t felt comfortable in public restrooms after that story came out. Something about Larry Craig busting down the stall door and letting out a primal roar while you’re sitting there, helpless, reading the New York Times.

I’m not a left-wing guy. Some think I am, but I am just as disenchanted with the left as I am the right. I loathe both sides with a vigor that wakes me up in the morning with a tight chest and a headache. Only cheap champagne can allow me to do a few hours of writing each day. I would experiment with something stronger, but champagne seems to do it for now.

I don’t care if our public officials are having affairs or sexual escapades outside of their marriages. That’s for them and theirs to handle. I do hate the hypocrisy of a politician fighting gay rights, for example, and then being exposed as a repressed homosexual. But Weiner hasn’t been playacting importance over anyone in a civil rights way. At least not that I know of.

And believe it or not, I like Andrew Breitbart. He’s Andrew Breitbart through and through, and he’s slightly unhinged. I probably wouldn’t get into a vehicle with him, but that’s not because I don’t like him, it’s because I don’t fully trust him. Kind of like how I’d never get into a car with Hunter S. Thompson. Anyway, slightly unhinged people are some of my favorite people in this life, and that’s also partly why I like Anthony Weiner so much. (read about slightly unhinged people here)

What about this new Weinergate evidence? What about these topless photos? From Huffington Post:

The first picture posted on shows Weiner holding a piece of paper with the word “me” written on it, and an arrow pointing to his face. According to the website, Weiner sent the photo in order to prove to the woman that he it was in fact the person corresponding with her online.

A second photo shows Weiner with two cats in the background. It was allegedly emailed to the woman from [email protected] with the subject line “Me and the pussys.”

A third photo appears to show Weiner shirtless. The photo was allegedly sent to the woman on Friday, May 20, 2011 via a Yahoo! email address that she claims was an alternate alias for Rep. Weiner. did not specify the email address but said a Google search for it revealed an invisible Yahoo! profile with more photos of Weiner sans shirt. And a little more from the Huff Post:

Radar Online is also reporting that a woman was involved in a lengthy “sexting” exchange with the congressman via Facebook last month,. “I have more than 200 messages from him and they’re all explicit in nature,” the woman, who volunteered as a Democratic campaign worker, told Radar Online. She also told the website that she had phone sex with Weiner for 30 minutes on his government-provided phone.

Why does all of this depress me so much? I can only imagine how ‘backed into a corner’ Weiner feels right about now. Maybe all of this evidence has been fabricated, but I doubt it. I’m already in despair about the political system and I lay a lot of fault on weak-spined Democrats. Weiner always stood up and made his point real clear. I admire that. These heavy claims denouncing his moral fiber and his good character are too much to lay on a sleepy, champagne-clouded head.

I’m curious to see how the story develops.


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