Anthony Weiner in Weinergate: Everybody Who is Your Friend, is Not Your Friend!

What is Antony Weiner thinking? It seems like in addition to representing the constituents in New York’s 9th Congressional District, he feels it is OK to Tweet photos of himself to some of his followers. You kinda had a hunch after last week events when Tweetgate was first announced that something was brewing. After claiming innocence and going on whatever political show he could appear or conducting countless press conference and interviews, suspicions grew.

One of my favorite marketing professors took delight in challenging the class to be better critical thinkers. As Weinergate is all around us, I can hear him proclaiming, “a hundred Frenchman can’t be wrong!” He would use that metaphor to indicate if something seemed, incorrect, most likely it was or if most people mentioned something as factual, it had pretty good credibility in being the truth.

After all his denials, as reported by The Guardian, Weiner came out today and tearfully admits he did send inappropriate pictures of himself to one of his followers.


Social media has become the hip fad. Weiner proudly boasts almost 67,000 followers on Twitter. As nifty as social media has become, one of its ego-stroking components is to have people “follow” you or “friend” you. Overnight you can go from the school nerd to Mr. Big Man on Campus based on those who follow or friend you. Here’s the lesson; just because a person follows you or friends you is not the same as a true friend!! Apparently Weiner and others who have been caught up in social media minutia haven’t realized it really is more of an illusion than reality. Further, lately taxpayers like you and I are probably wondering what are these politicians thinking about. It’s not just Weiner, recently it was Presidential Candidate John Edwards, then it was Congressman Jon Ensign, then it was Senator Tom Coburn, then Senator Rick Santorum…all within the last couple of years!!! Oh yeah, who can forget about Governor Mark Sanford? It goes across political lines as some simply aren’t as smart as they profess.

Hopefully this people wake up and take serious the job voters sent them to Washington to do, and that is take care of their issues. With the economy trying desperately to climb out of the 2008 economic depression, and the housing crisis decimating communities throughout the nation, let alone the millions who can’t find any work, you would think our representatives would be spending every second of everyday finding solutions to those issues, versus getting caught up in the narly antics of goofing off, while we are left counting on them to deliver for us. Social media is a tool which helps us communicate with others, not a weapon that Weiner and those like him who takes for granted its power and wind up getting snakebit.

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