Another Pro Falls on “Dancing With the Stars”

Guilty Pleasures Week on “Dancing with the Stars” was eye opening to say the least. Who would have thought that rapper Romeo would love Celine Dion or that Kirstie Alley would be itching to dance to a Britney Spears song?

Another professional dancer took a tumble as well. Karina Smirnoff tripped over her partner’s costume; making the third pro stumble this season. Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s thigh gave way a few weeks back and Lacey Schwimmer lost timing and balance during a pro number last week.

The mishaps proved that no one is perfect after all; making audience members feel a bit better in their own skins. Additionally, all the extra drama certainly didn’t spoil the entertainment.

Kirstie (Alley) and Maks were up first with a samba to Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time. I liked it but thought Alley could still ramp it up a bit more. The judges obviously disagreed.

Len said that the actress finally fulfilled the potential she exhibited the very first night of competition. Bruno said she delivered the dance naturally and made it look easy. Carrie Ann said she was back and that she would love to see Alley in the finals.

The couple received two nine’s from Len and Bruno and one eight from Carrie Ann. That gave them a total score of 26.

Wrestler, Chris Jericho, and his partner, Cheryl Burke, danced a tango to Don’t Stop Believing. I thought it had its moments, but it seemed disjointed at other times. The judges agreed.

Bruno said Jericho lost his timing more than once and that the dance was cold and uneventful. However, he reiterated that Jericho had talent. Carrie Ann said she thought the pressure got to him. While the dance was technically clean, it lacked fire. Len said Jericho had good posture, good holds and good footwork; however, he thought the performance lacked intensity.

The score of 22 came from two seven’s delivered by Bruno and Carrie Ann. Len broke down and delivered Jericho’s second eight from him for the season.

Up next were Romeo and Chelsie (Hightower), dancing a waltz to My Heart Will Go On. The dance was visually stunning, romantic and nearly flawless.

Carrie Ann called it magical and said that she loved that Romeo had developed his own dancing style. Len said that Romeo danced with maturity and that the performance had romance and was touching. Bruno said the rapper had reached a new level of poise and finesse. He also commented on Romeo’s attention to detail.

The couple received the first 10 of the season from Carrie Ann. Bruno and Len delivered nine’s for a total score of 28. That put the couple at the top of leader board for the first time.

There was some question as to whether or not Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas would dance since Mark was injured during rehearsal. However, the couple pulled together to deliver an amazing quick step to Walking on Sunshine. It was adorable and fun to watch.

Len Goodman said the dance had high energy and control, which was unusual. Bruno called it bright and luminous. He also commented on the difficult variations of the choreography. Carrie Ann said magic happened again. She also commented on the difficult choreography.

The couple also received two nines and one 10 for a total score of 28. That put them in a tie for first place with Romeo and Chelsie.

Kendra Wilkinson finally got a chance to shake her moneymaker in an energetic samba to La Vita Loca. Her partner Louie Van Amstel called it her dance for sure. I grudgingly agree.

Carrie Ann called the dance a guilty pleasure and said that Kendra could shimmy like no one she’d ever seen before. Len said the more she gyrated, the more he palpitated. He also said the dance had fire. Bruno called it “the revenge of the stripper.”

Carrie Ann and Len offered scores of eight while Bruno gave Kendra a nine. That brought the couple’s total for the evening to 25. That finally moved the duo out of the last place position.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson danced a Viennese waltz to End of the Road. It was effortless and beautiful.

Len called Hines the MVP – – most valuable partner. He said he danced every dance great and had good musicality. Bruno said the performance was a pleasure to watch from start to finish. He called it fluid and flawless. Carrie Ann said it was excellent but that she thought she saw Hines thinking about the dance too much.

All in all, the scores were not bad, but the duo moved into second place. They received two eight’s from Len and Bruno and one nine from Carrie Ann for a total of 27.

Last on the floor was Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff. They did a paso doble to Everybody Dance. I thought the performance was powerful.

Bruno said he was beginning to feel some fire and intensity from Macchio. Carrie Ann said they put the dance to shame. Len congratulated them on a great job.

The couple scored three eight’s for a total of 24. Unfortunately, that put them in next to last place.

Here are the current standings:

Romeo and Chelsie – 28
Chelsea and Mark – 28

Hines and Kym – 27

Kirstie and Maks – 26

Kendra and Louie – 25

Ralph and Karina – 24

Chris and Cheryl – 22

Unfortunately, it may be Chris’s time to go home. That will be a real shame. However, should his fans save him, I predict that Kendra might finally bite the dust. Let’s just hope that Ralph gets at least one more encore.