Another Chance

Jaxston turned the key unlocking his apartment door and dropped his bag inside the door. To say he was tired was an understatement. He was coming off a fourteen hour shift and all he wanted to do was sleep. But firstly he needed to wash off the germs and hospital stench. The hot water hit him, pounding against his chest, he leaned his head against the shower wall. Now that he was alone and had no patients or catastrophic medical cases, his thoughts clouded his mind. Thoughts of her flooded in, his heart ached to see her once more, to feel her in his arms. The water ran down his face and he willed the water to wash away his thoughts and his pain. But water was just a liquid and the only liquid that could help him now was in the form of a gin and tonic. He shut the water off, wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for the kitchen where he poured himself a stiff drink. All he needed was to drink away the thoughts and sleep away the pain. He knocked back his gin and tonic before fixing another and retreating to the bedroom.

He sat on the edge of the bed, absent mindedly swishing the ice cubes around in his glass. Sleep beckoned but he feared sleep, rather he feared the dreams of her. If only he could go back and make more time for her. If only he could have made it to dinner on time. If only he could have said goodbye. If only —

Two weeks had passed and his now ex-fiance Meadow wouldn’t return his phone calls. Not that he could blame her. Jaxston knew she was set to fly out to Italy two weeks ago that’s why they were to have dinner and spend her last night in New York together, instead he got called in on a once in a lifetime surgery that had complications and kept him in the operating room well past midnight. By the time he could call, she wasn’t answering. He came home to find her things gone and her key on the table.

There was no one to blame but himself. All he had to do was have a nurse call her and explain the situation. But he chose his pride and career over courtesy and respect. He pictured her sitting there alone, waiting for him. He pictured the hurt in her eyes when she realized he wasn’t going to show. There was nothing he could do but wait it out and hope she forgave him in time. He prayed night after night that it wasn’t over between them.

He sat the empty glass down on his night stand and fell back into his pillows. He didn’t want to think, didn’t want to sleep. He just wanted to occupy his mind with anything other than thoughts of Meadow. Not able to resist, he turned to the nightstand on what was once her side of the bed and grabbed a random book. It was a book of poetry he had bought her for their first Valentine’s Day together. Jaxston flipped it open and an envelope addressed to him fell out. He laid the book aside and ripped open the envelope. Inside was a note from Meadow.

Dearest Jaxston,

I choose not to return your phone calls because you have hurt me time after time by not showing me the attention I feel that I deserve, never-the-less, I love you Jaxston Asher . And while I am hurt, I know your career comes first. So whenever you catch a break hopefully you will use the enclosed plane ticket to make things up to me. It’s good for a year Jaxston. I want you to put forth an effort to show me that you love me, that I’m not wasting your time. I need to know that you truly want to be with me. So hopefully I will see you soon. I love you Jax, with all my heart.

Yours forever,


Jaxston picked up his phone and dialed Meadow’s number. He knew she wouldn’t answer and that was fine. He left her a message letting her know he would be on the flight out Thursday, which gave him two days to catch up on his sleep and let the chief know he was taking some time off. And if he had it his way, he would come back a married man.