Another Blunder for ABC?

With Friday’s round of cancellations having been announced by ABC, some big names got the axe. Brothers and Sisters, which has long been a fan staple on Sunday nights was joined on the block by, V, No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Mr. Sunshine, and Better With You to name a few. Soap fans wasted little time reaching out to fans of the canceled prime time soaps, and are finding that they have a new wave of support coming from an unlikely source; sci-fi fans.

The popular Facebook group, Fans United Against ABC, almost immediately changed the group description to be more welcoming to fans of all canceled ABC shows, and went to work recruiting fans of the other cancelled ABC shows. Within minutes, fans of V started joining the group and pledging their fealty to the soap group, in exchange for returned loyalty. All seem to agree that there is indeed strength in numbers, and all have a desire to make ABC pay for this latest round of insults.

With these cancellations coming tight on the heels of the devastating blow to daytime fans delivered just a month ago by the cancellation of One Life to Live and All My Children, you have to wonder if ABC’s executives have simply lost their minds. Did they not see the writing on the wall when they announced another mass cancellation, and especially when they included the hugely popular Brothers and Sisters in that wave? Did they forget that soap fans and sci-fi fans are the most loyal group of fans that exists? Or did they simply think that the fans would be too shocked to band together, that the genres were too different to matter to one another? Whatever the answer, ABC better think again.

With the planned May 17 advertisers meeting in NYC already braced for a siege by angry soap fans putting massive pressure on advertisers like Hershey’s and Campbell’s to follow Hoover’s lead in withdrawing advertising in protest, and with Disney already distancing itself from the besieged Brian Frons, the addition of these newly energized and angered fans may be exactly the added pressure advertisers need to capitulate to the viewers’ demands to pull ads. When you add to this that the NFL may not be playing this year at all, ABC could be in BIG financial trouble very soon. Soap fans have decided that they won’t be happy until ABC goes down for the count. Says Erin Smith of Chicago: “Maybe the new name of the American Broadcasting Company will be Another Bankrupt Company.” It will if soap fans get their way.