Anonymous Attacks Sony

Sony is a company that is known across the world for its innovations in the field of electronics and consumer products. Now the company is facing a huge problem from a group of online hackers called Anonymous.

According to Games Radar, “the online hacker group Anonymous has followed through on its threats to issue distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Sony’s websites. In the past few days, the group has downed the likes of and UK’s PlayStatioBlog, crippled the PlayStation Network, posted personal information on Sony big-wigs, and has generally made life difficult for the electronics giant.”

Sony has had many complaints from its customers because of the disruption and many people have been left wondering when the conflict between Sony and Anonymous will die down.

Alleged Misdeeds By Anonymous

Julian Assange, who is known for the WikiLeaks scandal where many U.S. government cables and documents were leaked, had a lot of support from Anonymous. According to The Register, “Anonymous has launched a broad-ranging campaign in support of Wikileaks, starting with a DDoS assault on a PayPal website. The denial of service attack lasted for eight hours and resulted in numerous service disruptions, Panda Security reports.”

Anonymous seems to be a group that comes to the aid of others on important issues. They backed Assange because they believed in freedom of speech and did not like the fact that companies such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal were getting pressured to not process credit card payments that would support Assange. They attacked these websites in order to prove a point not to be malicious.

Anonymous can do a lot of damage because time is money where many online retailers are concerned. Companies like Sony and PayPal depend on money made from consumers in order to increase their profit margins. If they are down for even one day, then they could stand to lose millions of dollars.

Anonymous typically warns its targets by video or written statement before attacking websites in order to allow the targets time to meet the group’s demands. They then hack into the websites and are able to release a virus into them in order to make them malfunction.

Why Anonymous Has Targeted Sony

According to gamrfeed, “Anonymous list their three demands which are that Sony allows user end modification; that Sony does not pursue legal action against any of the IP addresses that Sony have obtained and that Sony do not try to take anyone else who wishes ‘to alter a product they own’ to court.”

In this instance, Anonymous seems to be on the side of consumers who want to modify Sony products they have purchased. Some people have gotten into trouble for this action and many believe that it is wrong when the consumer is altering something that they own out right.

It stands to reason how Sony will deal with this issue. They have dispatched technical analysts to deal with the problem, but if they do not get the issue resolved quickly then they stand to lose a lot of money in the near future.