Annoying Main Quest Moments in the ‘Legend of Zelda’ Series

Even great games have their annoying parts. In the “Legend of Zelda” series, the fun moments thankfully outweigh the hair-pulling ones. Nothing is worse then being stuck in an annoying or time wasting part of the main quests. Here’s some of my least favorite parts of the LoZ series.

Temple of the Ocean King in “Phantom Hourglass”

I don’t think I have ever come across a more annoying part in any “Zelda” game. What makes it really awful is Link has to keep going back to it. You need to complete the same floors again and again, plus new ones. Don’t forget this whole ordeal is timed too. About half way through, you have the option of saving your place within the temple. But, if you don’t have a lot of sand in the hourglass when it saves, you need to go back and get a faster time. If that wasn’t enough, the temple is swarming with Phantoms you can’t defeat until the end of the game.

Spirit Flute in “Spirit Tracks”

Learning some of the songs on the Spirit Flute is an exercise in patience. It would be easy if you just used the stylus or the buttons to play them, but you don’t. While blowing into the microphone, you must move the flute with the stylus. The most annoying part for me was Embrose’s Fire Sanctuary song. No matter how much I huffed and puffed, it took quite a few tries to get it right.

Triforce Charts in “Wind Waker”

This quest is more long and repetitive then hard. Link needs to find the Triforce pieces, but their charts aren’t readable. That’s where our old friend Tingle comes in, ready to part Link with his rupees. Not only do you spend an awful lot of time finding the charts, Tingle charges way too much to decipher them. Then you have to run around following the maps to get the pieces. It seems to take forever.

Any Companion Quest

When Link is saddled with a partner, it can get downright annoying. There’s Medli in “Wind Waker”, who helps Link in the Earth Temple. Link can throw her to reach high places and then control her to grab treasure or push a block. It’s especially problematic if she gets captured and you have to backtrack to find her. In “Spirit Tracks”, you need to switch to Zelda fairly often. It’s not too bad, unless she gets scared. Even when possessing a Phantom, she shrieks and jumps around when she sees a rat. It doesn’t matter if you need her to to help Link, she will stop and scream until the rats are dead. I’d rather just play as Link instead of having to switch back and forth.

Any Sneaking Around Quest

In “Ocarina of Time”, Link has to sneak into the castle. In “Spirit Tracks”, Link has to sneak out of the castle with Zelda. The most time consuming stealth quest is in “Wind Waker”, when Link not only has to get into the Forsaken Fortress, he has to try to stay hidden while inside. Being sneaky isn’t my style. It takes lots of time and gets frustrating when you’re caught and must start over again. Many LoZ games have stealth parts. I groan every time I have to slow down and creep about. They disrupt the flow of the game and feel almost out of place.

Main quests aren’t the only annoying parts of the LoZ series. Side quests can also be a pain, but at least you have the option to leave them uncompleted. When you’re stuck in a part that’s required, it can be very frustrating. All you can do is plow through as quickly as possible.