Anna Maria Island Standup Paddle Boarding Vs. Kayaks: Features

Anna Maria Island is great for snorkeling, kayaking, and renting stand up paddle boards. The island offers much to see and do and can keep you and the family or friends busy from the time you step foot on the sand until the time you leave again. Anna Maria Island rests between the Gulf of Mexico and Florida and offers many tourists the exotic paradise they have been looking for. There are 3 cities on the island and one of the best things many people like about this place is that there are no buildings that are super tall and there are no amusement parks.

Stand up paddle boat rentals on Anna Maria is just one of the many ways to explore the island and see all that it has to offer. Kayaking is another way as the island offers much to see as far as beaches and private ones at that, and there are many of these places that can only be reached by water. When looking at stand up paddle board rentals on Anna Maria, you may want to consider what a paddle board and a kayak feature to help you determine what one to rent.


One of the first things to do if you are debating between kayak rentals and paddle board rentals on Anna Maria are to compare the two. Some of the things a kayak features include:

‘¢ Single or double seaters, sometimes more

‘¢ Seats may be uncomfortable and a bit too small for some people

‘¢ A paddle is used to steer and move you where you want to go

‘¢ You are secured in your seat as the kayak fits around you

‘¢ Kayaks are narrow and long sometimes

Many people like kayaking as it can get you places faster and then again, some people are not too fond of kayaks. The price to rent a single kayak for a week can run you about $150 a week. You can also rent them for the day and pay about $60 for the day.

Paddle Boards

Paddle boards are extra-large surfboards that are about 12 feet long and about 30 inches in width. Some are bigger while there may be ones that are smaller as well. Paddle boards you stand on and you use a paddle that is similar to one you would use if you were in a canoe. Standup paddle board rentals on Anna Maria are becoming more and more popular. You can rent these to go fishing and much more and will run about $64 for a full day and about $225 for a week.

No matter what one you choose, you are going to have a blast on the island and you are going to be able to see the many wonders of the ocean waters that Anna Maria has to offer. Stand up paddle board rentals on Anna Maria offers the convenience to get to every area of the island with ease and allowing you more time to relax.

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