Animal Shelters in Seattle

Dozens of Seattle area animal shelters are looking for nice families to adopt the animals in their care as well as volunteers to help them manage their organizations. There are general animal shelters with all types of two- and four-legged creatures, but there are also specialty animal shelters that work with a specific species or breed.

My family has never acquired a new pet without going through an animal shelter. There are hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals in this country, each of whom deserves a new lease on life with a caring, dedicated family. Rescued pets in the Seattle area are no exception.

Seattle Animal Shelter

The city of Seattle operates an animal shelter that rescues dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, pigs, reptiles, and more. Adoption fees for dogs and cats range from $130 to $200, though it is often less if the animal has already been spayed/neutered.

The Seattle Animal Shelter is constantly looking for both in-shelter volunteers and pet foster families. They also try to unite lost pets with their owners, so this is a good place to check if your pet has run away from home.

PAWS Cat City

Cat lovers should take an afternoon to visit PAWS Cat City, which specializes in feline rescues and adoptions. They are a cat-only facility, which means they don’t work with any other animals, and this is often the best choice if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Cat City is a unique animal shelter because they operate an open-community atmosphere, where cats are left to interact with one another and socialize in a room. Because the cats are not confined to individual cages, visitors can watch the animals at play and evaluate each individual as a potential member of their family.

Rabbit Meadows

We often think of animal shelters as havens for dogs and cats, but Seattle is home to several unique organizations. Rabbit Meadows, for example, is a shelter devoted to rabbits, although they occasionally have other rodents available for adoption, such as hamsters and guinea pigs.

Rabbit Meadows is located just outside Seattle in Redmond, WA. They also sell supplies to help keep your rabbit in comfort, such as rabbit condos, food, toys, and other goodies.

Seattle Humane Society

The good folks at the Seattle Humane Society operate a clean, welcoming animal shelter with a number of services, including veterinary care, dog training classes, and, of course, adoptions. Adoption fees range from $5 (small rodents) to $250 (puppies under six months of age), but each fee includes a wide range of services.

Additionally, if you adopt a dog, your fee includes a six-week training class to help you learn to manage your pet. And if you already have a dog in your home, they offer assistance introducing your existing pet with your new family member.

Homeward Pet Adoption Center

This Seattle animal shelter is a smaller, more intimate operation with dogs and cats available for adoption. They work with animals of all breeds, and provide all adoptees with vaccinations and micro-chips. Additionally, dogs are adopted with a free training course.

Homeward Pet Adoption Center is also looking for volunteers. They need dedicated animal lovers to help walk dogs, socialize cats, and clean the facility.