Animal Shelters in Denver

Whether you’re looking for a new four-legged pal to keep you company or a cause to which you can donate some time, there are lots of animal shelters in Denver. Take your pick of rescue centers, government-run shelters, and adoption societies where unwanted animals are matched with new families.

Maxfund Animal Adoption Center

One of the few remaining no-kill shelters, Maxfund provides both adoption and foster services for dogs and cats. The center was founded by a veterinarian and his wife, and they are committed to finding safe, loving homes for the animals in their care. There are several veterinarians on staff, so potential adoptive families know the animals are receiving the best care.

Foothills Animal Shelter

Accepting a new pet into your home can be a big adjustment, which is why Foothills Animal Shelter in Denver offers training classes as well as adoption services. They also help reunite families with lost pets. Their facility includes a full surgical suite, and animals are microchipped for their protection.

Denver Animal Shelter

The Denver city government runs an animal shelter that is ideal for families who want to take home all sorts of pets, from dogs and cats to rabbits and reptiles. You may also be able to adopt a pet with special needs who has been rescued by animal control.

Dumb Friends League

Don’t be put off by the name. The Dumb Friends League is an open-admission Denver animal shelter that has been in operation since 1910. In this case, their name refers to the “mute” definition of dumb-animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Adopting a Pet

If you think an animal would make a welcome addition to your family, Denver animal shelters are a great place to fill that desire. Animal adoption saves the lives of creatures who would otherwise never find happiness. Of course, keep in mind that pet adoption is a big commitment.

Take your time when adopting a pet from a Denver animal shelter. Don’t choose the first dog you see, or make an impulsive decision when you’re feeling depressed. You might want to tour several animal shelters so you know which facility best aligns with your needs.

Volunteering at Denver Animal Shelters

Those who aren’t in the market for a new pet might be able to help in other ways. Denver animal shelters are always looking for dedicated volunteers to clean, organize, interact with the animals, and perform other duties. There is often training involved, but it can be an intensely rewarding experience.