Animal Cruelty, the Worst Form

The following subject matter may be hard for some people to read. I felt it necessary to bring true light to this subject in its truest form.

Animal Cruelty is a sad, disgusting, poor way of treating any living, breathing creature. The cases mentioned in this article were, by law, treated as a misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum fine of only $2,000, possibly 6 months of jail time and the stipulation that they can never “legally” own another pet in their lifetime. Most states do not enforce felony sentences pertaining to animal cruelty.

Mississippi… Buddy- A 16 week old black lab was heard whimpering in a dumpster out side of a gas station, by a man putting air in his car tire. Finding a twitching bag and opening it up, the man uncovered Buddy. His eyes, mouth, throat and ears were covered in PVC glue, barely able to breath. His legs were taped together and broken in several places. The only option for Buddy was to be humanely put-down.

Atlanta… A puppy’s legs and mouth was duct taped together, dipped in white paint, then attempted to be set on fire. After failed attempts, he was placed in an oven, alive… You can imagine the rest of the story.

Salt Lake City… Henry- A husband, angry with his wife, placed her small puppy in an oven at 200 degrees for 5 minutes, as pay-back. Fortunately Henry lived, losing one eye and now having a lifelong problem walking due to his toenails melting together. She filed for divorce.

Didsbury… Cpl. Kevin Fischer came upon the scene of a blood pool in the middle of the road. Shortly after investigating the scene, he spotted a collie-lab mix laying near the side of the road, with a bag over her head, still trying to get up, but not making a sound… Still alive. The dog was taped together and had a tow-strap around her neck. The officer reported that she was “broken” all over. After humanely putting her down on the scene, police followed the blood trail all the way to a teenager’s house, where they found a few teens to be responsible for the crime. Although no motive has been discovered, it was determined that the teens first beat the dog, taped her up so she couldn’t move and placed a bag over her head. They then tied her to the bumper of the car and drug her down the street. The officer said it was the worst scene he had ever witnessed.

These are only a few of the cases reported, and nowhere near the worst. The people responsible for committing these terrible, cruel acts, merely got a slap on the wrist, while their victims paid the ultimate price.
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Please educate everyone you know about the seriousness of Animal Cruelty. Knowledge is power… One person can make a difference.