Animal Cruelty and Torture for Money

Basic Information and Facts

For about a month now, this writer has been listening to information on a subject which is very sad. Puppy Mills – Breeding dogs to gain large quantities of puppies to sell wholesale. (Complete description of Puppy Mills is available at created by Laura of Laura’s Web Design. Learn more about this animal lover by clicking on her About Me Page.) It really is so cruel for someone to earn money while breeding dogs by means which are abusive to defenseless animals. Yet, it is happening in large quantities all over the United States.

These mills breed dogs in large quantities for wholesale to pet suppliers. The whole idea is to make money. The money is more important to these puppy mills then the care of the animals. Money at any cost, and who cares about the animal being abused and neglected? These animals spend most or all of their time in cages; they get only the care and nutrition needed to keep them alive and what is needed to keep the breeding dogs able to breed; and they live in filthy and overcrowded conditions. I am sure there are many more things happening to these animals beyond what I am stating here and even what is known by other activists. We all know that, by any standard you choose to look at this problem, it is wrong to mistreat another living creature the way these dogs are being treated.

Learning what I did about what was being done to these defenseless animals within these animal cruel environments was bad enough for me. What I learned next really upset me. It was a sad thought when I learned that my home state, Ohio is second only to Missouri in the number of puppy mills. However, this has raised people up and caused a great deal of protest all over the state. From Columbus, our state capital, to the small town I live in, Millersburg; people are outraged and speaking out about it. There is a bill which everyone who cares about these animals is supporting. Many are caring signs to support it with the hope of stopping the puppy mills from operating like they are now. (You can learn more about this bill and get more facts on Puppy Mills in Ohio by visiting, Puppy Mill Bill , This is Senate Bill 95. (Senators supporting the bill are Senators Hughes and Cates, other sponsors are listed on the bill page.)

Since so many people were taking up the torch to fight for these animals; I had to add mine in the way of doing what I do best. Caring the torch through the tool I use the most. I am an advocate for those who have no voice and can’t speak for themselves. These animals deserve to be heard. They have no choice and no voice to speak for themselves. So I will add my voice to the long list and speak out for them.

(Note: There are kitty mills operating in much the same way as the puppy mills.)

My Views on Puppy Mills and Breeders

I am not here to sling arrows at legitimate caring dog breeders. If you are a breeder and taking good care of the dogs you are breeding, using a reputable veterinarian to keep an eye on their health, and are using good sense and love to care for these precious animals; I am not going to sling any arrows at you. The animals care and well being is my concern.

Puppy Mills which are housing dogs and puppies in deplorable conditions and treating them like they would their garbage while making money from them should be shut down. People who breed in their backyards with no concern for the animals and mistreat them should not even be allowed to own animals. Unless people are willing and able to care for animals properly, they should not own them.

Making money through the pain and suffering of these animals is cruel and deplorable. This writer is going to take a stand and support those people already advocating for these helpless animals.

Because of what I have learned through the process of researching and obtaining the basic information of this article, I am certainly going to be watching this situation closely. I will be asking a whole a lot of questions the next time I see puppies in pet stores. Pet suppliers who are making money off animals from these puppy mills are just as bad as the mill operators themselves. How can any one want to be a part of an enterprise which upholds cruelty like this to such precious animals?

It just upsets me to see that this is what some people within our society call a business enterprise. There are plenty of ways for people to make money without doing so by hurting living creatures. They say that cruelty to animals is not too far away from cruelty to humans. Just makes you wonder what kind of people are those who run these puppy mills.

To most people, the family pet is as close as a family member. They are precious and have a gift to bring to their owners. The gift they give is love and companionship. Why must they pay a price like this and be tortured? Everyone who cares about animals should take up the torch and start being the voice for these defenseless animals.

There are many ways to pick up the torch and help these animals. Learn all you can and find out what is happening in your own area; talk to your senators; find out about petitions you can sign if any are available, use the power of your writing; join advocacy groups and pick up the signs to march with other supporters; speak out and ask the hard questions when you visit pet stores where puppies and kittens are sold; and check with the Humane Society or the ASPCA to find out how you can help with this and other problems concerning animals.

Honoring All Those Who are Fighting Against Puppy Mills

It was so encouraging when I was riding down the road through the small town of Millersburg, Ohio with my boyfriend to see the people in front of the courthouse with their picket signs in protest of Puppy Mills. It filled me with a sense of pride for the community I have recently became a part of and will be building a life. It started me on the path to advocacy for the puppies and dogs who are abused in the enterprise, but it let me know that when people feel strongly about something they are still not afraid to speak out about it. This is encouraging. I wish to commend these people and say that these are special people who are speaking for the precious creatures who have no voice to speak for themselves.

All across Ohio in many communities bigger or like Millersburg, people are outraged and speaking out about Puppy Mills and working in support of the Senate Bill 95.. We want these mills shut down and for people to stop this enterprise. I wish to honor all of these special people taking on this battle and thank you for opening this writer’s eyes to the problem and letting your caring hearts express what you believe in and care about. Change is possible when people ban together for a common cause.

I want to congratulate all those like Laura from who have used the Internet to promote the cause for animals. The Internet has become a powerful tool in activism. Laura is a credit to the web.

Being an advocate is not a hard task. It is speaking out about something you believe in and for a cause that means something to you and your community. It is advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves. It is giving help to someone who needs it. It is the most rewarding of all endeavors a person can become involved.

While people struggle with the challenges of this economy, it is great to see that amidst our own problems, we can still find ourselves able to help others in one way or another. Speaking out costs little, but the rewards are endless.