Angry Black Woman: Just a Stereotype?

I always hated the term “angry black woman” because it made black women appear to be angry all the time, and I don’t think that’s true. Everyone gets angry time to time'”not just black women!

People are under the impression that black women are in a constant state of anger. I read one article by this man that says that he thinks that black women are born angry. It was a pretty ridiculous article. He even referred to a white baby as an “innocent white baby” and referred to the black baby as a “young black woman”.

But aside from that goof, I wonder how many other people out there think that black women are naturally angry. Look, everyone knows that black women have an attitude. EVERYONE knows that, including black women! Whoever doesn’t know that probably hasn’t lived in this country long enough to realize.

All stereotypes are true'”that’s how they became a stereotype in the first place. It’s just not true for everyone in that group. I myself am a black woman, and I personally am not angry. But I still realize that there are a lot of other black women that aren’t too happy with things. The problem is, they seem to be a bit upset with just about everything.

Usually when a woman is angry or hurt about something, people will find a place in their heart to empathize with her. But they do not empathize with black women. That’s because black women do a great job of expressing anger, but we have not done a good job of expressing why we’re angry in the first place. That’s why people have just labeled us as angry, and left it at that. They say, “These women have a problem for absolutely no reason.”

In the black community, “strong black woman” is what we all are aspiring to be. But that’s what is driving the anger. We think that anger is strength. Showing aggression, being loud and belligerent has become our way of being strong. Expressing what it is we are angry about is never an option because that will make us look weak. We don’t want anyone to know what has angered or hurt us'”we just want them to see the “hard” part of ourselves. We don’t want anyone to see our sensitive.

We have put on this game face for so long that black men and children are even afraid of us. Not even they know why we are so hateful. No one knows what black women are angry about. We’ve kept it a secret all these years.

If you ask a black woman why she’s angry, you may find that she points the finger at black men. I think black men definitely have a hand in it, but I don’t think it’s all their fault.

I think black women are angry because we don’t love and value ourselves. We have given away all our power to black men. We are allowing them to hold the key to our happiness. We walk around with a bad attitude day in and day out just because black men are slacking off. Why do we let them have that much power over our emotions?

We have failed to separate ourselves from them. We seem to think that we are connected to black men in some way or another. We don’t have to act stupid just because they are acting stupid. We are individuals. We can still love and appreciate ourselves and others despite the downfall of black men.

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