Angela Montenegro’s Two Marriages on “Bones”

Angela Montenegro who is the facial reconstruction artist on “Bones” has been married twice. Her free spirit is what made these two men fall in love and marry her.

Angela’s Marriage Grayson Barasa

Angela had married Grayson Barasa while she was on a trip to Fiji. Her trip to Fiji was two years before working at the Jeffersonian Institute.

It was not until Angela and Jack tried to get married the first time she found out her marriage to Grayson was legal. During the four years after their marriage, Angela did not believe it was legal.

It was not until the U.S State Department showed up at Jack and Angela’s wedding did she find out her first marriage was legal. The reason the State Department official showed up at their wedding was because their marriage license was pushed through so fast.

After the ritual in Fiji that involved jumping over a broom stick, Grayson disappeared. Angela couldn’t remember his name when Jack asked her his name. She knew it started with a B that was it. She could remember how he looked and what he did for a living.

A year after their first attempt to get married, Hodgins and Angela hire a private detective to find her first husband. After doing some searching, the private detective found her first husband.

Once Barasa was found, he refused to divorce Angela because he wanted to keep her in his life even though they had not seen each other in years. He arrives in D.C. to give the divorce to Angela.

This didn’t go off without it’s own hitches. He did try to persuade Angela one last time to stay his wife. This did not sit well with Jack.

After seeing Hodgins and Montenegro kiss while bike riders passed, he knew it was time to sign the divorce papers to let her go.

Angela’s Marriage to Jack Hodgins

After meeting at the Jeffersonian, it was not long before Angela and Jack hook and start dating. While their relationship has been hot and cold over a five year period. Between the issue with her first marriage, Angela finding her first bisexual love during a murder case and trying it again, and a host of other bumpy rides, they decide to start dating again.

It wasn’t until they were thrown in jail, they decide to get married on the spot without any of their friends being there. Once they were released from jail, they returned to D.C. to find Bones decided to take an offer to search for an ancient civilization.

They decided to take a year in Paris, France, while Bones went on her expedition and Booth went on a training mission to Iraq. Upon returning to the States after getting an emergency call from Caroline, Angela finds out she’s pregnant.

Jack wanted it to be a surprise in telling their friends she was pregnant together, Angela tells Bones she’s pregnant. Not long after telling her best friend she’s pregnant, Cam realizes Angela’s pregnant after seeing her lying on the couch in her office eating crackers.

During the time Hannah, Booth’s girlfriend at the time, moves in with him, Angela, Bones, Cam and Hannah are sitting around talking in Booth’s apartment. Booth walks in seeing them talking and gets nervous. When he asks why they were all there and gets an explanation, it is revealed to him in a roundabout way Angela is pregnant.

Everyone Angela and Jack work with knows she’s pregnant. She asks them to keep it a secret so Jack can tell them at a get together at their favorite pub. Once Angela and Jack show up, Jack realizes they all knew because only four people were there rather than a dozen people.

They later find out their baby has Leber Congenital Amarosis, also known as LCA. During the “Black Out in the Blizzard,” Jack finds out he is a carrier as well. This disease has them greatly concerned over their baby’s health and vision.

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