Angel Therapy Oracle Tarot Card Reading for May 2nd, 2011

Numerology – first published in 1994 -Avery Publishing Group by Hans Decoz and Tom Monte. Numbers convey special and some time secret meanings. Numerology applies a number to every letter in the alphabet, and every number has a meaning.

Birthday -2 – You are very sensitive, great intuitive powers and you can be very diplomatic.

Lucky number – 2 – The day starts bad and ends good or vice-versa.

Special letters

If your name starts with – Q
Cornerstone (obstacles and opportunities) – You seem to attract money; you have a natural authoritive way of influencing others.

If your name ends with – Q
Capstone – (ability and attitude) – You tend to be erratic and unstable, and not always understood, but it makes you appear mysterious and outspoken.

If the first vowel in your name – A
Window (the deeper self) – You are very ambitious and independent; you have great drive and stamina.

Double letters in your name – N, Q, Z
Excessive (problems) – Business or the military would be great for you. You are a visionary and a real doer.

Angel Therapy, Oracle Cards – published in 2008 – Hay House, Inc. – by Doreen Virtue.
All cultures are rich with stories of angles, guardians, and ancestors watching over us, with guidance about our life’s purpose, and help healing the wounded soul, if we but only ask. Faith in yourself can free you from anything, fear, illness, grief. The cards are based upon Pythagorean numerology, that states that all numbers and images vibrate with a great mathematical precision, and The Laws of Attraction, states that what you want, and the answers you seek are attracted to you, or what you fear most, you call “it,” to you. Thoughts are just energy patterns firing in the brain and the energy carries. The cards provide a method of achieving both theories, by offering a piece of timely wisdom on each card. The kit comes with a pocket guide book and 44 golden edge cards with beautiful angels, and the messages right on the cards for those quick reading.

Past – Workshops and Seminars – Maybe it is time for you to try going to a workshop or give one. Teaching and learning are all part of spiritual growth, you have to trust your feeling and concerns and follow through with your hunch. The angels are guiding you and will let you now what venue or topic it should be. Be trusting and open minded and try something new. Share what you know with others.

Present – Fairies – It is time to spend more time outdoors, rain or shine. You have a direct purpose involved with Mother Nature. Get involved with a project that deals with land pollution or air, our water. Find a cause and work for it. Organize a local park clean up team. It only takes a few willing souls to make a difference. Carry a bag with you all the time and vow to fill it every day with garbage. Recycle, reuse, and dispose of it properly.

Future – Sacral Chakra – If you have been feeling a little off maybe you are highly sensitive to chemicals and additives for processed foods. It could be toxic relationships and harsh situations. You must clean up your diet and your life. Anger and hate have no place in your life, and junk food is well junk and bad for you. Eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away. This is a very old rule of thumb.

Personal – Solar-Plexus Chakra – You are safe to take charge of your life. Go ahead and make some new rules. Think about what you like in your life, what don’t you like? Is your home a bus station, the local social cub? If you have to compromise, set a day aside for you and yours and unplug the phones if you have to. Make a sit down dinner one night, take the time to fuss. Turn off the cell and do something for you, uninterrupted. What ever you decide, speak from the solar plexus and be heard, be firm, be positive. Or just don’t answer the door or phone.

Family – Integrity – Make sure all your actions match what you are saying and match what you belief to be true and right for you. You can not just bend values to fit the situations, if you do you lose a little of yourself. Those that look up to you are watching you and following your lead. Once you set a code of conduct you must follow it, do not engage in personal conduct that will leave you feeling shame, guilt or remorse, these only serve to erode your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Friends – Goddess – Nurture any gifts of intuition and artistic expression. Dance, sing, play, encourage a little get together, and celebrate, for any reason. In the spirit of femininity don’t go wild, it is not about getting drunk, it is about celebrating you are alive and have heart and soul still intact, in an ever changing harsh world. Give a little workshop or have a jam session, join a club or start a hobby. Try going to a craft sell and get some ideas, take a friend or two.

Business – Release – It is time to listen to that inner voice. The angels are telling you to release anything that is no longer working for you. If it can not serve a meaningful purpose in your life let it go. Have you out grown your job, is it the car you drive, or is it the path your life has taken. You must get back on the path of your life mission. If ego-based concerns or activities are standing in your way, know the angels will help you through any changes.