Angel in the Dark

It was chilly night in October the moon was full and the stars shined brightly. I had decided to go for a walk; I was tired of being indoors.

On my path I came across an old open gate, a gate I had never seen before. So as inquisitive as I am, I took a look inside. There a saw an old rickety cemetery. I had never seen this cemetery before, where did it come from? Am I going crazy? So I went inside and as I walked through the head stones, I felt a presence, and then a feeling of happiness rushed over me, but I was in a graveyard, how could I feel so good? I continued on my journey through the cemetery looking at the names on the head stones, they dated back to the 1600’s, wow this place was old it had to have been here for a long time. While I was walking and wondering how I hadn’t’ seen this place before, a gush of wind went right by me. Startled I turned but didn’t’ see anyone. I continued on my way. The cemetery seemed to go on for miles; it seemed that it would never end. All of a sudden I heard a noise, a noise like a fluttering of a wing. I thought to myself that it was probably just a bird or a bat, so I kept on walking and looking at the ages of the head stones. The moon was shining so bright, that it wasn’t’ hard to make out the markings.

Walking on I felt that presence and that feeling of happiness again, there was no one else around and I for the life of me couldn’t’ figure out why in the world I would feel so happy in a place like this?

Up in the distance I saw a large head stone it was so big, I had to go see what or who was buried there. So as I made my way up to this huge stone, I heard the fluttering of wings again, but this time they were right behind me. I turned around expecting to see a Bat or Owl, but as I turned an hand reached out and grasped my arm, filled with fear I turned my head to see a radiant figure of a woman in white with wings! An Angel , I couldn’t’ believe my eyes. I couldn’t’ muster up anything to say I was frozen , there was this beautiful being holding my arm, where or why is she hear and why haven’t I seen this graveyard before? The Angel turned and led me to the large head stone, and then she knelt down. I looked at the name and much to my surprise it was my name! It read Mary O’Conner Wife and Mother lays in rest, born 1601 died 1655.

This can’t be real, this can’t be happening! How, why? Am I really dead?

The Angel looked at me, and then took my hand. I finally figured it out, I was dead! That’s why I had never seen this cemetery before, that’s why I feel so happy; I’m at peace with an Angel in the Dark.