Anevolve with Cynectin: Protein-infused Hair Care for Frizzy Damaged Hair

Anevolve with Cynectin is the new craze in the hair care industry. This fabulous new line of nourishing products can be used to revitalize damaged hair in combination with the Anevolve straightening treatments or just by themselves. These amazing products deliver a patented protein combination that is 90% identical to your own hair. So with daily use, the Anevolve with Cynectin products will actually allow hair to repair itself over time, reducing split ends and frizziness and leaving hair soft, smooth, and more manageable.

The new Anevolve line of products

The Anevolve line includes moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, leave in spray conditioners, and deep conditioners that are packed with a powerful blend of proteins and amino acids. Anevolve with Cynectin products contain no sulfates, no salt, and no parabens making them a perfect choice for just about everyone. Even color-treated and previously processed hair.

What people (like me) are saying:

After using the Anevolve moisturizing shampoo, my hair feels softer, cleaner, and healthier. Not too mention it smells absolutely fabulous! The scent is fresh and clean but very soft and gentle. The great part is I don’t have my usual guilt of shampooing daily because this shampoo is actually good and nourishing for my (usually dry, damaged and color-treated) hair. I can’t wait to try more of the products!

How Anevolve with Cynectin products work

The Cynectin proteins create an external nano-keratin supplement, which protects hair on a day-to-day basis from the harsh elements of the environment like sunlight and air pollution. Because Anevolve hair care products contain a large amount of Cynectin, the hair is infused with generously with this protein mixture each time you wash or condition, allowing hair to repair itself over time.

Who can use Anevolve with Cynectin products?

Anevolve products can be used by just about everyone whether you have received the salon treatment or not. Because of the repairing and moisturizing benefits of the Cynectin-infused products, even people with already great hair will see noticeable results in a short time. Even men have grown to love the Anevolve line. By adding moisture, reducing frizziness, and repairing damage, men and women alike are finding that caring for hair doesn’t have to be a pain.

Where you can find Anevolve with Cynectin?

Ask your stylist or salon if they carry Anevolve with Cynectin hair care products. You can also call (561)665-6279 or email [email protected] to locate a salon near you. For more information on Anevolve hair treatments and products visit or

If you are in the Palm Springs area, visit Salon 119 & Spa for an Anevolve with Cynectin Hair Treatment or to pick up any of Anevolve’s fabulous products. Visit the Salon 119 & Spa website or call (760)327-4800 for more information.