Andrei Kirilenko Sports a Scary Tattoo

Let’s face it, tattoos are getting more and more common, so common in fact that they are no longer confined to prisoners or sailors. Kirilenko, the basketball forward for Utah Jazz, unveiled the tattoo that stretches across his back and resembles a demon coming forth from his innards. The tattoo is far from being dainty and feminine, and for someone like me who is not into sports at all, the question is, “Why?” A tattoo of this nature is better expected to be seen on someone who works at Burger King or McDonald’s, not as a professional basketball player. But then again, today’s sports has already sunk to a whole new level of mindless entertainment that today’s youth are likely to emulate, much in the same way young girls once emulated Britney Spears. Kirilenko may be brushed off as being another overpaid sports figure, and it looks like he wasted a considerable sum of money this time around. An ostentatious mansion would have been better, since that sort of thing would be much more practical, and at the same time have equity. No, this demon tattoo photo on Andrei’s back probably should not even be on the Internet, but it is, for all the world to see, including the tiny tots of America.

So what are parents supposed to say when their sports obsessed children see Andrei’s back and start asking questions? “No Johnny dear I am sure Mr. Kirilenko did not become a Satanist overnight.” “I’m sorry Sally honey, that is not Puff the magic dragon that Andrei is sporting.” The problem is that children are no strangers to tattoos, and there is no harm in wearing those pretty, colorful drugstore tattoos that last for only 24 hours. No, Andrei’s demon will last a lifetime, and living in the middle of Mormon country, may result in him getting the occasional weird look from neighbors which is a shame because he is a nice looking guy. Married to singer Masha Lopitova, the couple have two sons ages 9 and 4. I wonder what his kids think of the tattoo if they have seen it. Hopefully the little ones will not have nightmares or think that dad belongs to some secret cult plotting to overthrow the United States government and install a system where sports dominates. Oh wait, our nation is already dominated by sports. That would explain why so many sports stories wind up on the front page of newspapers now.

But maybe some people will be turned off by the tattoo, and conclude that sports stars are not the kind of people to look up to, even if they are basketball players.