An Outdoor Shower Stall is a Good Summer Idea

During the warm weather, individuals get sweaty and dirty while playing and working outdoors. Children also can pick up blades of grass and outdoor pool chlorine. An outdoor shower makes sense for the summer time. This article explains how to put together a make shift shower area.

Step One
Select the location for your shower area. You want it close to the house but, in an area that won’t produce mud. You also need to consider where your nearest water supply source is located.

Step Two
Gather your supplies. You will need a black garden hose , treated lumber 2x4s in 8 ft lengths, PVC pipe 2 inches wide, PVC wall mount , PVC T joint, PVC cap, PVC cleaner and glue, drill with a 3/8 or 1/4 inch drill bit, 3 inch dry wall screws.

Step Three
Make your platform shower deck. This is where the individual will stand to take their shower. Make it out of your treated lumber. Dry wall screws are ideal for holding it together. Cut your lumber in 30 inch lengths. Space your 2 x 4s about 3/4 inch apart. This allows for the excess water to run through. Frame up your platform and screw the top boards into place.

Step Four
Prepare and mount your PVC pipe. Next, secure your PVC wall mount to the top right corner of the shower deck. This mount will hold your 8 feet long PVC pipe. Clean and glue in your pipe and set it aside to dry tight. Cut a 30 inch long 2 inch PVC and drill holes about about 1 inch apart. The water will go through these holes. Keep them in a straight line. Clean and glue this piece into the T joint. Place a cap on the end of the sprinkling tube. The cap has to be cleaned and glue, too

Step Five
Add your black hose. Black will hold thermal heat from the sun. This makes for a warm shower at first. Connect your hose to the PVC T joint. Cut the hose and secure it into the T joint. You can use simple duct tape or if the hose goes over the joint, use a metal screw clamp. Secure your hose to the side of the PVC pipe that goes up.

Step Six
If the water doesn’t come out at the desired speed, make the holes larger in the PVC pipe with a bigger drill bit. You might also want to make sure all the shavings are out. Shavings can slow down the water flow by clogging the holes.

An outdoor shower facility is great for farms and outdoor work stations. They are also good for cooling individuals down before they come into a house on a hot day. Children especially like the idea of an outdoor shower. This is a quick and inexpensive project to do.