An Introduction to a Natural Hemorrhoid Cure

Hemorrhoids are veins that protrude from the anus. These veins are extremely painful and in some cases will also bleed. There are many over the counter medications for hemorrhoids, but it is usually best to find a natural hemorrhoid cure.

Some hemorrhoids are more serious than others. In the most serious cases, a person will need an operation. Thankfully, most cases do not require such drastic action.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are often caused by prolonged constipation. Other causes for hemorrhoids include standing or sitting for long periods of time, carrying heavy objects and anal sex. A person who is overweight or who has just given birth will also be more prone to getting hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Options:

There are various natural and medical treatments for hemorrhoids. Synthetic medications can often bring temporary relief, but usually do not cure the hemorrhoids themselves.

As was noted above, surgery is an option for a person with hemorrhoids. However, it should only be considered as a last resort. Surgery for hemorrhoids requires a month long recuperation time and can have its side effects.

Why Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments are the Best:

Natural hemorrhoid treatments are the best. These treatments do not cause negative side effects. A person who takes a natural treatment course for hemorrhoids will not only eliminate the pain but also the hemorrhoids themselves.

Following are a couple of very effective herbs that can be used to treat hemorrhoids:

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is well known for is healing properties. It not only cures hemorrhoids but can also heal wounds and burns on the skin. In order to cure hemorrhoids with Aloe Vera, one should blend this herb and drink it as a juice. Another options is to extract the Aloe Vera and apply it directly to the hemorrhoids.


Pilewort is another excellent natural hemorrhoid cure. The extract of this herb can be drunk as a tea or the ointment can be applied directly to the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are extremely uncomfortable and painful. Fortunately, no one has to walk around with this painful condition. There are hemorrhoid cures that will not only alleviate the pain but also get rid of the hemorrhoids themselves.

Two all natural treatments for hemorrhoids are Aloe Vera and Pilewort. These herbs have been tried and proven to eliminate hemorrhoids. However, a person should still strive to live a healthy lifestyle, as this will prevent the hemorrhoids from reoccurring. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is important, as these foods prevent constipation. One should also exercise on a daily basis and drink plenty of water.

When it comes to treating your hemorrhoids a Natural Hemorrhoid Cure is the best way to go. Just visit now and get on the right track to curing you hemorrhoids permanently!