An Interview with Kat Perkins from Scarlet Haze

Female fronted bands like Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless have capitalized on the extraordinarily strong vocals of their respective singers. Another band you can add to that list is Scarlet Haze, whose front woman Kat Perkins is no stranger to delivering a powerful rock note. Kat recently stopped by to chat about Scarlet Haze and the band’s upcoming album.

Thank you, Kat, for doing this.

My pleasure!! It’s always an honor for me to do interviews. Hopefully some fans will care enough to read it and hopefully some new fans will stumble upon us because of it!

I love the name Scarlet Haze. What is the origin of the name?

Thank you! Honestly, coming up with a band name is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It’s very hard to find a name that doesn’t sound masculine or too edgy for a female fronted band. Scarlet was the name my sister had always imagined naming a baby girl if she ever had one. I was HOOKED on it when she told me. So, naturally as the bratty younger sister of my family, I stole the name for my baby: my band!!

For those not hip on Scarlet Haze, describe the band’s sound.

Scarlet Haze blends a hard edge melodic hook with straight up ROCK chords with a wall of guitars. Oh, and we do it in a sexy, dangerous manner. :)

You’re a female fronted band. There has been an influx of female fronted bands like Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Some Hear Explosions and Evolett. What separates Scarlet Haze from other female fronted bands?

Hopefully it’s self explanatory when you hear Scarlet Haze. I try to bring a strong set of pipes to the table when it comes to singing. We also have really focused on memorable, hooky songs for our upcoming record. We ideally want to appeal to the fans that appreciate good singing and songs that make you wanna throw a keg party in your backyard.

With reality shows like “American Idol,” “The Voice” and “X Factor,” how frustrating is it trying to make it as a band when winners of these reality shows instantly receive fame?

It’s a bit frustrating, especially when you work as hard as we do as a band at the “grass roots” level. We recognize that appearing on a reality show is one way of trying to “break” into the industry and I realize that even those shows have their disadvantages and hardships. Scarlet has just been that band that will work our asses off for years and years rather than selling our souls to television “talent” shows.

Scarlet Haze’s debut album is coming out. What can fans expect?

This album that we are about to release is my favorite project to date! It runs the gamut of emotions from sexy party tunes to gripping ballads, to pop rock songs about masturbation. I wanted songs that people wanted to sing along and pump their rock fist to, and I wanted songs that make our fans think about life, love, and love lost. Again, we really wanted to focus on our fans and fulfilling what they all like to listen to. A solid, sexy kick drum doesn’t hurt either :).

Are there certain songs that you like playing better live than others? Which ones and why?

ABSOLUTELY!! As much as I love to sing and my band loves to play, there are just some songs that feel better live than others. I like to keep shows upbeat. I like to see the crowd jumping and pumping. I like to see energy coming right back at me on stage. I also like to change “scene” once in a while and belt out a ballad. One of my favorite ballads to do right now is called ‘Hero,” a song we released for the Japanese Earthquake relief. It’s a heart wrenching ballad with a kick ass hook which the audience always gloms on to.

Will there be a tour soon? (We’re near Chicago and Peoria so that would be kick ass.)

We are in talks right now for our tour options both nationally and internationally as we release the final album. I LOVE the Chicago area and can’t wait to bring Scarlet back there! Ya’ll are hardcore fans over there!