An Interview with Etsy’s Madeline Meade of Mmjewelrybox

Madeline Meade is a young jewelry maker who is passionate about her craft and features her lovely creations in her Etsy shop, mmjewelrybox. Here is an interview that will show you how motivated even the youngest of Etsy sellers can be:

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your Etsy shop.

My name is Madeline Meade and I believe there is one thing that sets me apart from all most other Etsy sellers. When I first joined Etsy, I had all intentions of putting my age on my profile, but when I went into the chat rooms and everyone was talking about their kids, work, and husbands I felt like no one would take me seriously. I felt like I was an outcast and that everyone would not respect my work. I now know and I have realized that it does not matter how old I am. I know that I am talented and I love making jewelry. It does not matter what others think, whether it be about my age or about my work.

I am 15 1/2 years old, and I am a freshman in high school. I just got my learners permit, I am a cheerleader for my school, and my favorite thing to do is make jewelry. It really is my passion. I put a lot of effort and time into each piece. I don’t want anyone to think that my age has an effect on the craftsmanship of my jewelry. I might be 15, but I am determind to make something of myself. While all of my friends are searching for summer jobs, I am searching for craft festivals and trying to find new ways to better promote myself. I know I can succeed, but all I need now is for other to believe that I can do it!

What inspires you to create?

Fashion inspires me a lot! I love fashion, and I want to go into fashion when I am older. My dream is to be a stylist. I love designing and making jewelry to top off that perfect outfit!

Describe your creative process.

My process Is probally a little different than others. I don’t sit at a desk or in a studio; I sit on the floor with all of my bead boxes around me. I look through each box pulling beads out. Then I start to bead! Sometimes, when I don’t have any ideas, I will look through magazines for inspiration.

What are some of your own favorite creations?

A few of my favorite creations include:

A necklace I made fully out of vintage beads:

A glass beaded choker necklace. The ocean inspired me to make this:

A bright blue necklace with a big blue cabochon:

How do you want your craft and business to evolve?

I would love for my Etsy shop to get noticed more. Jewelry is really hard to sell on Etsy because there are over 2 million jewelry sellers. Eventually I would love to have a little store and/or my own online website.

What or who influences you as an artisan?

My friends and family influence my work. Fashion also really influences my work. I try to design my jewelry with the newest trends in mind!

What brings people to seek out your creations and what makes your work unique?

I do a lot of art shows and farmers markets. A lot of people come up to me and tell me how proud they are of me because of what I am doing at my age. I feel like my age makes my work unique in someways. When I am at festivals, I try really hard to listen to everyone who stops by. I take the comments and write them down. People will say what the like or what they would like to see. I take their comments to heart. One of my favorite things is taking custom orders!

What choices have you made that helped your business the most?

Participating in craft festivals has really helped my business. It gets my names out there!

What advice would you give to other artisans?

I want to tell every young artist that no matter what people tell you, you can be successful! I have had a lot of people look down on me and tell me that I am not old enough. I know I am, and I have been sucessful. Believe in yourself, your product, and in your business!

Where can your creations be found (on the web or in shops)?

My jewelry can be found on Etsy at:

My business Facebook page is:

My blog is:

Note: My Etsy shop in conjunction with and under the supervision of my parents as per Etsy’s terms of service.

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