An Inspirational Speech (complimentary to the Novel 1984)

Good morning ladies and gentleman. It’s a pleasure to have you all here. It is a very auspicious day since never in history according to the party has there been such a large crowd of ambitious people gathered for a revolutionary cause to rebel against the vicious government. As you all know, I am Winston Smith. I had previously been working as an outer party member for the Ministry of Truth. I am not a leader or a higher official but I am proud of myself for being one amongst you. There has always been a burning passion inside me to embark a change and to make a difference in the country that I live in and I want your help. I cannot change the country, the government, and the atrocities of the party or the fearful life. It is you who can transform this totalitarianism into true democracy! Down with Big Brother.

First of all, you all have to realize one thing before you leave this meeting — you have been controlled. Every single one of you here has been controlled by the party. You have to realize that you are not only physically restrained, by the limited jobs provided by the party, but also mentally controlled. The party has cunningly defined freedom for you that you have forgotten what freedom really is. They have taken away your right to have memories, not just of yesterday’s events, but of your sacred past. Freedom is not about living a life that is predetermined by the party or even anyone else. Freedom is not about doing everything the party tells you to, believing in a religion the party believes and dying as a slave to the government. Freedom is not slavery. Freedom is about you having the absolute right to do whatever you want and to make the decisions you desire. We can all achieve more than what we have achieved now which is nothing but being blindly loyal to the party. There are so many millionaires among this crowd but the party has not let them to be capitalist. You have not been given the opportunity to pursue your passion and to truly excel. If we could revolutionize the political system, you can earn as much money as you can, live a luxurious life, have plenty of delicious food, wine and entertainment. You will actually enjoy the pleasure of eating pure unaltered sugar. For generations we have been poor and have never been able to become richer. Overthrowing the party is the key to the door of wealth and opportunity! Down with Big Brother.

Not only could you become rich by overthrowing the party, but also gain rights. Where are your rights? The party stole it. They stole your rights and privacy. They stole your right to vote, your right to speak and express your thoughts, especially the right to express your discontent with the party. You are almost never private, there are telescreens around you. Your safety is also in jeopardy. We all are in constant fear of bombings that might eradicate our community and end our lives within a split second. There have been bombing in the children’s playground and neighborhood. If you need a taste of real peace and safety you have to end the war by overthrowing Big Brother. War is not peace. War only brings fear and bombings that could kill you. The party has treated you like animals, or even worse. We have to show them our power. We have to prove to the party that in a true democracy it is every one of you here is an inner member and the law maker. In a true democracy, you can determine the president and officials who serve you. Down with Big Brother.

Similarly, the party has blinded you by brainwashing your knowledge. They have shown you what is not true. They have lied to you about the increase in chocolate rations and possibly about many other rations. This year’s chocolate rations were lower than that of this year but the party not only tells you that they have increased the rations, but they force you to believe it. Why do you have to be forced to believe a useless lie? We have never had sufficient food supply and all of us are starving. Let’s rebel against the party that steals the food and rations that you deserve. In order to know the truth about the party you and your children have to be educated and you have to rationalize. Knowledge is not ignorance. The more you think harder about the party’s false claims, your past and your future, the more efficient life you can lead. Your knowledge will help you be smarter and understand the ugly truth about the party’s control of your life. Therefore, rebel against the party by gaining more knowledge about the atrocities of the party. Down with Big Brother.

You hold the key to the past, and, hence to the future. You are 80% of the population of this country. You are the majority and true power. There is not a single party member who more powerful than you. We can gain freedom, wealth, luxury, safety, knowledge, food, rights and privacy if we overthrow the party. Believe in yourself, not the party. Protest against war. Pursue knowledge and freedom. Let’s revolutionize the country and overthrow the party. Down with Big Brother! Down with Big Brother!