An Excellent, Professional, Solid 9 Volt Battery Charger

Maha Group Maha Powerex MH-C1090F 9V 2-Hour Batter… Background

I am a professional videographer in Las Vegas and use wireless mics that require fresh 9volt batteries with every session. I got tired of using new expensive batteries only to throw them out after a 45 minute session. I began using rechargeable 9volt batteries but I need so many at a time that I needed a charger that could charge multiple batteries at a time and didn’t take forever to do it. This brought me to the Maha Powerex MH-C1090F 9 volt battery charger.

I bought mine from for $50 about a year ago (I think the price has gone up a bit on this charger) and have loved it and used it like a workhorse ever since. It comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty but I never needed it. Best $50 I ever spent!

MH C1090F Features vs. My Experience

Charge up to ten 9V batteries with professional ten-bank 9V charger
This is a big bonus, I have loaded my charger up and all batteries complete their charge cycle in the same 2-3hr time span without delay. One slight negative here, it is made of light plastic and doesn’t appear to be able to take a beating, however, that being said, I have really put it to the test by hauling it around in my equipment bag and have not yet had the plastic give way or show signs of wear.

Smart battery charger compatible support for 7.2V, 8.4v & 9.6V NiMH batteries
I tend to only use the 9.6 volt for my work and I can usually have the whole batch of 10 done in 2 hrs.I suppose some of the cheapie 9 volt batteries purchased online will be in the 7.2 and 8.2v range so you may need this feature.

Rapidly charges batteries within 120-160 minutes.
I have yet to encounter a battery that has required over 180 minutes to charge so I believe the 160 minute rating is for
near-dead batteries in need of reconditioning. It charges the batteries cool unlike the cheap rapid chargers that scorch your batteries and ultimately shorten their life span.

Microprocessor automatically switches to trickle charge after batteries are finished charging so that they maintain their charge without overcharging.
This feature works as advertised. In fact works better than most battery chargers I’ve used. I use this Maha as a battery storage bank while shooting events and every time I’ve pulled the batteries from the charger when the Green LED is lit, they have been at full power.

Individual LED for each slot indicates when batteries are either fully charged (green), still charging (red), or have a bad connection or are a dead cell (blinking red).
This is the one slight negative I have to mention here. Sometimes when I’ve attached a perfectly good battery to a specific charging slot, the red light blinks which tells me either I’ve got it in the connectors cock-eyed or my battery cell is dead/dying. When neither has been the case. Its just on occasion and just in one particular slot, if I unplug the unit and plug it back in, all works fine. Just a reboot I guess.

Can sometimes revive/recondition older/weaker rechargeable 9V batteries which may no longer be accepting a charge.
Whereas the Maha Powerex MC C1090F is no miracle worker, it has worked well to bring a bit more life to some of my older 9 volt nimh rechargeables. But lets be real here, when the battery is dead, the battery is dead. These rechargeables don’t last forever, but the Powerex can and has helped to extend the life of a particular battery a little longer where other battery chargers were refusing to charge it at all!


Supported Batteries: One to Ten NiMH Rechargeable 9V Batteries (supports 7.2v, 8.4v, 9.6v batteries)

Charge Current: 70-90mA

Trickle Charge Current: 10mA

Microprocessor: Negative Delta V, Ten Independent channels

Charge Time: 120-160 minutes

Power Supply Voltage: 15V 1000mA

Whats In The Box:

‘¢ Maha PowerEx MH-1090F Battery Charger
‘¢ US style 110V power adapter
‘¢ Instruction Manual
‘¢ Maha Powerex 1 year limited warranty

Final Word

This is a solid charger that has handled a huge workload for me. For $50 I can’t see how to rate this less than 5 stars (and I don’t like giving those out too much). It isn’t perfect, it is light as a feather which can mean durability issues (although I’ve never experienced any). It has shown brief glimpses of glitchiness which required a reboot on the unit. But overall, your 9 volt rechargeable Nimh batteries are safe with this charger and you will love it like I do.