I know how it feels of going to that unfamiliar place. People thought that going there is fatal. But they are wrong. They should go there first before they judged that place and the person who lived there.

I went to that place during our vacation out of curiosity. It was summer yet the weather is not clear. I don’t feel well because of the cold temperature that going beneath my skin. I thought I will get fever, and I must thank the person who hospitably shared to me his blanket. I could feel warm, but, all of a sudden I got a goosebump. That was my initial reaction when I look at him. He is terribly scary. His face was crumpled and was covered with thick tiny hair. He was a tall man and reminded me of Beast in a famous fairy tale. But when I looked at his eyes, it spoke of solitude. Suddenly, my fear ran out. I am about to approach him when he began to ran going to the heart of the forest where he stayed.


“Dead… dead… dead…” shouted by a man who came out of the forest. It calls the attention of the other dwellers of the farm. The man looked really scared. That time I was digging the soil to plant rice.

The dwellers huddle around the man who is running out of breath. “I saw a man dead in the forest. His heart was removed, and his intestine is swelling out of his stomach.”

The village leader approached that man. “So you are saying that there is a monster living in the forest?”

“Yes… I believed that… no human could ever do that…” The village leader stand in front of the dwellers. “It is the third case of killing human, I think we have to do something about it.”

The dwellers all agreed.


That night, men mostly are adult, hold their riffles. They appointed a look-out, who will stay at the top of the tree. If he will saw something unusual in the forest he will just whistle through his french horn.

Hours left, the guardmen heard the whistle. They are all alarmed and prepared their rifle, which they point in the forest. They hide in the socks of rice husk which they assembled as a barricade.

A sound of hurrying footsteps were over-heared from their hide-out. The sound became clearer and clearer as the man came nearer and nearer to the dwellers barricade. All of a sudden, a tall man came out of the forest holding a dead bore in his hand. The guardmen pressed the trigger of their riffle and showered the tall man with bullets. The tall man, hurriedly escaped and ran through the forest. He was totally wounded. However, no one among the guardmen knew that I was there helping the tall man to hide from them.

I let the tall man to go inside our rice storage and clean his wounded arms which was blotted by blood.

“Who are you?” I asked. He didn’t gave any reply. “What are you doing in the forest? I don’t believed them that it was you who killed our fellow dwellers. I knew that you are a good person.”

Suddenly, I saw the moon’s reflection from his tears. Instead of giving a reply, he turned his back and silently leaved the place.


Next morning… I witness many were crying, mostly are women. Many corpse scattered near the mouth of the forest and I saw my mother also silently weeping. I hurriedly approached her. She is looking for my father. Our fellow dwellers thought that my father was eaten by the murderer just like the previous victims but my mother strongly disagree.

I don’t know who is to blame. I was confused if the tall man, whom I believed was good, was really the murderer. But how come it was him? He is with me the whole night.

I knew my mother can’t hold on to the situation. As I felt she really missed my father, but despite the grief she still had hope that my father is still alive. When I left the house, she told me, “Son I know he is here, I know it… look for him in the forest…”

I searched for an answer. That night I went to the forest alone, to look for my father.

“I know you are here — I need to talk to you — ” I called him. “Please I am begging you to come out. I believed that you are not the murderer. Please — “

At last, he came out of the old tree. He is wearing a red cloak which he usually wore. He timidly approached me. And I got surprised when he touched my hair down to my face which reminded me of my father.

“I don’t kill anyone.” At last he speaks. I could feel his sadness from the sound of his melancholic voice. “I don’t kill them…”

“If it is not you, then who?”

“The evil in me.”

“The evil… what do you mean? I am confused.”

“Sure you will. So, get out of this forest… and you might be his next victim. I don’t want that to happen…” He began to growl. He put his hands in his head.

“What is happening?”

“Go… leaved this place he is going to get out…”

“No…” I claimed.

He banged his aching head and rolled over in the ground. I am a bit of scared to approach him, but there is something in me which convinced me to help him. To my surprised, I saw a familiar moon-shaped necklace which is one of a kind. A necklace which only my father had. “Why do you have this? It’s my father’s necklace? Where did you get it?”

The pain in his head became more excruciating. “Leave now or die…” His voice turned grumbling and deep. The crumple and hair in his face is fading and I could see an image of a human. “Son…” His voice turned in normal voice of a human. I touched my chest when I heard of his voice. It was… yes… it was my father’s voice. My confusion started to make me believe of impossible thing. Is the tall man and my father is one? No. That can’t be. “Son… help me…” I eased the cowardice in my system and get courage from my father.

I get a piece of wood and strike my father’s body “Spare my father… you evil… spare my father…” I knew my father was hurt and I don’t know if striking him could help. As I strike him I ambivalently seen my father’s clear image which is fading with his monstrous face. And that made me eager to help him. “Father, it is not working. How can I removed that evil in you?”

“Son… the cloak… removed the red cloak…”

I tried to remove the cloak but it tightly dressed in my father. The cloak pushed me away from my father and I was threw distantly. Though I am seriously hit, I just don’t think of it. I looked for something that could help me to remove the cloak..

“Fire… fire…” My father uttered whose face was completely revealed.

Luckily, I saw a fire near the place. I don’t waste any second to go to the place where a wood was burned. I get a piece of burned wood and hurriedly went to my father. The cloak is completely covering my father’s body and I could see that it squeezed him. I have many questions to ask but it’s not on the right time to do so. My father is nearly dying from the hands of evil.

I dampen the wood in the cloak. It helped. It loosened from my father’s body. I repeatedly doing what my father told me to do, until my father completely released himself from the cloak. He run to me and I noticed a wound in his shoulder which I think I healed last night. He don’t waste his time to get more fire. We both thrown burned wood in the cloak until it turned into ashes.

We both got relieved. “Son, your mother and I have decided to make it a secret because I might not help you.”

“But father, how about the cloak, the murder and the victims?”

“Son, it was me who found the cloak in the forest without knowing that it was possessed by evil spirit. I wear the cloak and I noticed that someone is trying to posses me. Since then, it never leaved me. Every night the cloak disturbed me. But I assure you that I don’t kill anyone. It was the cloak who killed our fellow dwellers. When I still have the control over it, the cloak alone attacked humans. But tonight, when it saw you, I noticed that it became stronger and I lost my control over it.” My dad carefully explained.

Now, the cloak turned into ashes and its dust was carried by the wind which scattered in the whole forest. Though, this will not bring back the life it claimed, but I am still thankful that at least I claimed the life of my father who was almost possessed by the black spirit.