An Eventful Journey to United Kingdom

When Khamalu left school, he had high hopes and projections for a bright future. He graduated as an accountant from of the prestigious Universities in Nigeria. The graduation ceremony was elaborate as Khamalu was the first graduate of accountancy in his little village in Delta state.

Khamalu got a job in an accounting firm in Asaba the Delta State capital; where he worked and had a good career for five years. However, he felt it will be great opportunity if he travelled to United Kingdom to work and do some more studies. He applied for a visa for highly skilled immigrants and was successful. Khamalu contacted a friend who promised to help him settle in UK before he gets his own accommodation.

Khamalu travelled out of his country a week after his visa arrived. It was his first time of boarding an aeroplane and he was very fascinated about all he saw and made brief notes that he hoped to share with his friends on face book. It was a great experience he hopes to cherish for a long time. When he arrived at the Heathrow airport, he was happy at the progress he has made so far. He looked around for his friend Linus, but Linus was not there. He waited for some but nobody showed up to pick him, finally he decided to take a taxi and go into the city of London to get something to eat and a place to sleep while trying to locate his friend.

Khamalu finally got to a Fish and Chip shop to get something to eat. It was there that he discovered that he had lost his small bag somewhere. It was devastating for him; his money was in the bag and his mobile phone too. The only money he had on him was the £5.00 the taxi driver gave him as “change”. He ordered for his fish and chips. He was full of thoughts as he ate his meal quietly. He looked around to see if any miracle could come his way. He noticed that the owner of the shop was struggling with serving and keeping the shop tidy; later, he asked if he could help him with tidying-up; the shop owner agreed without giving much thought to it. He was happy to have some help.

The shop owner soon got into discussions with Khamalu and they chatted about a number of things. It was during their discussions that Khamalu told Taitha, the shop owner about his ordeal. Taitha offered to give Khamalu a space in one of his stores at the back of the shop to sleep, in exchange, Khamalu agreed to work for him for free. Khamalu survived for the next three days on left- over meals. He slept on an old settee in the store and was able to survive the weather using a coat and a blanket that Taitha gave to him.

Khamalu worked very hard and diligently, and at the end of the week Taitha agreed to pay him £5.00 per hour. Khamalu worked for the next three weeks in the Fish and Chip shop and was grateful for the opportunity. One day a man came into the shop to have a “fish and chip” meal; Khamalu knew he had met him somewhere before, his mind was very agitated about this and finally he went to the man and asked if they had met before. The many told Khamalu that he meets a lot of people every day and the chances were that he might have boarded his taxi. That was it; it was the taxi driver that brought him to the city from the airport. Khamalu exclaimed! He pleaded with the man as he asked if he saw a missing bag about three weeks ago. The taxi driver was sympathetic with him and told him he lodged lost items in the central office of his company. Later Khamalu went with him to search for his luggage. He was lucky; he found the bag and all the contents were intact.

Khamalu quickly called his friend Linus again. He got him on the phone and learnt that Linus was involved in an accident on his way to the airport to pick him up. Linus spent a week in the hospital. When Linus left the hospital, he called Khamalu severally but he could not reach him. Khamalu took holiday from his work to visit Linus and it was a happy reunion.

Khamalu was able to get another job with an accounting firm in London; he completed his studies and returned back to Nigeria. Some years later he chose to go into business. He established an accounting firm and a very successful business in the hospitality industry.