An Effective Preschool Education Depends Upon Extensive Research

My grandson who is now in first grade was fortunate in having two years of successful preschool education at Westminster Early Childhood Programs at 724 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14209. I was privileged to attend several of the school’s activities including the summer fair, a spaghetti supper, and enrichment programs.

My daughter did extensive research to determine the Preschool where she wanted to begin her son’s education. The following are questions a parent should ask when interviewing preschools.

1) Does the preschool have the proper state and National Accreditation which ensures that educational guidelines are being followed?

If a program has accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), you can be certain that your child is receiving the proper age-appropriate training.

2) Is a flexible schedule available to accommodate family circumstances?

It may happen that your child requires a full day of preschool due to the parents’ work schedules. Be sure to ask if the preschool is just a half-day or if students are accepted for a full day. In some situations, working families may also need to look for after-school programs within the curriculum to facilitate the child’s care for the entire day.

3) Is a snack provided during the preschool session and are accommodations made for children with allergies or other special nutrient needs?

It is important that children not be exposed to poor food choices at such a vital time in their lives; the menu should include nutritious fruits, vegetables, milk, whole grains and desserts.

4) Does the preschool have playground facilities as well as an indoor gym where the students can get periodic supervised exercise?

Students should be exposed to opportunities to develop and practice the many physical activities that form the foundation of later physical skills. A purely sedentary experience is not healthy nor will the child remain happy without occasions to interact with classmates on a physical basis.

5) What is the cost of the program that is offered?

It is necessary to be wary of hidden costs. Be sure to ascertain upfront what the tuition agreement includes and whether your child can obtain additional services for which you are willing to pay.

My grandson thrived at Westminster because his mother made certain that the preschool was the correct fit for her son. We continue to be proud of his educational progress at each step that he conquers.


Brochure – Westminster Early Childhood Program