An Easter Egg Hunt

Easter will be here soon and we have a lot of little ones in our family. Everyone goes to church on Easter Sunday and then comes to our house for dinner. They always look so nice all dressed up. The boys in suits and the girls in pretty little dresses. I always like to do something special for the children. This year we have decided to have an Easter egg hunt.

I love Easter. I have such fond memories of Easter when I was growing up. There was always a new Easter outfit and the Easter bunny would come. These are memories of a child. I can remember one year when I was very little my aunt’s church had a Easter egg hunt. I had so much fun. There were children everywhere. I never forgot that event.

We want to make special memories for all our little ones. My hope is that when they grow up they will remember the fun times we’ve had. I think good memories are priceless.

Our neighborhood discount store was advertising a sale on those plastic eggs that you can fill with candy. We drove to the store and I think everyone else had the same idea because the store was packed. I found the plastic eggs after a minimal amount of searching.

I bought three packages of eggs. Two packs have 48 each in them and the third bag has 12. I think we have enough eggs now. I hope I didn’t go overboard when I bought 108 plastic eggs. We only have 7 little ones. If the neighbor kids come over we will have a total of 9 children.

The plastic egss are actually very pretty. They come in all different pastel colors. I’m going to be busy this week filling 108 plastic easter eggs with candy. I will enjoy thinking about how much fun the kids will have finding all the eggs.

My only thought on this is that once we hide the eggs we’ve got to make sure the kids find them all. I don’t think it would be good if the tractor found them first. So now I guess the only thing we can do is count every egg in every basket and if we don’t have all of them we will have to send the kids back out to hunt for more eggs. My problem is once I hide them I have no idea where I put them. What can I say? This event will most likely make the children very tired. Especially if we have to do two or three Easter Egg hunts to find all the eggs. They will have to come in the house and take a nap.

Our oldest grandchild is 10 and the youngest is 1. The older children are faster and will find more eggs. The littlest one will need some help. It’s nice though because the older ones do help the younger ones. I think that shows what compassionate children they are. I believe this will stay with them through life.

We will be coloring eggs too but I really like the idea of plastic eggs for outside. I just don’t want to eat an egg that’s been laying on the ground. That brings me to the now famous geese and their egg. It would be nice if they could move their egg during the easter egg hunt. I’m sure I couldn’t get that lucky though. I actually may have to do the unthinkable and move it myself. I prefer my little ones to not have any contact with the geese or their egg. It would just be my luck if those darn geese show up during the Easter egg hunt. As of this minute I have no plan but I’m hoping they honor my wishes and stay away while we are searching for our eggs.