An Easter Egg Hunt on a Rainy Day

I’d like to start this story by saying it has been raining here for days. I think soon we will have to buy a boat if it keeps up. I had such high hopes that it would stop raining and the sun would come out. I thought with the sun shining the ground would dry up. I’m here to tell you this did not take place. There was no sun just rain, rain and more rain. I kept looking out the window hoping for a glimpse of the sun but I didn’t see it. It is now the day after Easter as I write this and it is still raining! It’s been raining throughout the day. Everything is a soggy mess.

Fifteen minutes before the children arrived I knew I had to come up with a plan. My original plan was to have an Easter egg hunt in the yard and hide lots of eggs. That plan had to be ditched and fast. My next thought was to have it in the house but my daughter said I would have a real mess by the time we were finished. So that plan took a nosedive too.

We ended up hiding the eggs all over the patio and breezeway. We put them in plants and behind tables, chairs and on top of tables and chairs. We had them everywhere! They were up high and down low. We scattered over 100 eggs in about 5 minutes.

I was going to move the canadian egg so the children wouldn’t mistake it for a plastic egg. As it turned out the rain changed all my plans and I didn’t have to re-locate the egg. It’s over near the woods but still out in the open. One day the canadian parents did stop to visit but never even looked at the egg. Not so much as even a casual glance. They are pretty callous if you ask me. The mystery continues.

Before I would let the children start the Easter egg hunt we had to make a few rules. No pushing, shoving or running over anybody. Everyone had their good Easter Sunday clothes on so the number one rule was that they had to stay on the cement. They really did listen too. I was very proud of them. I told all the kids that we were going to count how many eggs each of them had at the end and then there would be prizes. I wouldn’t tell them what the prizes were though because I was keeping that part a secret. I didn’t tell them how many eggs would win a prize either. I said I’d let them know after they counted all their eggs.

I counted from 1 – 10 and then I said GO and off they went. Everybody had a bag for their eggs. I had kids running every which way looking for the eggs. They were laughing and in such good spirits. I loved it. The grown-ups were taking pictures. As soon as they found all the eggs we all went inside. It was very damp and gloomy outside but inside it was warm and cozy.

My grandson Neno had the most eggs so he got to pick a prize out of the prize bag. My granddaughter Nadine who is 1 had the least amount of eggs so she got a prize. She got a Strawberry shortcake coloring book. Then we went down the list and gave out prizes for all different things. It was so much fun.

After the Easter egg hunt we had a big Easter dinner with ham, potato salad and all the trimmings. We even had a coconut cake bunny to eat along with pistachio fruit salad. YUMMY!

The childen ended their day with Easter baskets, prizes and lots of candy stuffed eggs. I think they had a wonderful time. The day was over early and everyone left by 4:30 but it was a fun day.

I think I accomplished my goal of making happy memories for all my little ones. That is what I call priceless!