An Annual Rubber Duckie Race

Rubber Duckies

Every time I come to work, I see my rubber duckie, dressed in a rubber suit and holding a surf board.

But even with this constant reminder, I forgot about the Annual Duck-A-Thon at the Huntington Beach Pier this year.

Come to think of it, even if we live a mere 30 driving miles away from HB, I have only been to this neighboring Orange County City only once before.

Yes I guess it’s true, as they say “out of sight, out of mind”.

Duck Festival and Duck Derby

I have been looking forward to go visit the city once again for this event. Because I am always reminded of their interesting catch-phrase, an off-the-pier fundraiser incorporating the best things in life, the sand, the sun, the surf, food and yes rubber duckies! Excellent weather too and because HB is the closest place within California where Duck Derbies and Races are happening.

Wine Tasting

This event starts off beginning on a Friday evening. There will be hors d’ oeuvres along with a wine tasting event.

So, you guessed it. Better luck next year.

Anyway, last Monday, a new co-worker saw on top of my cubicle divider my rubber duckie, the one in a surf suit and holding a green surf board. Looking at it, he blurted out that he just came from the Duck-A-Thon that weekend.

And it was his first time and yes, he had a great time.


This annual event, takes place one weekend, three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) just once a year in the month of May.

Vendors will be selling crafts, trinkets, jewelry, food, drinks even home decors. Local restaurants will supply the hors d’ oeuvres while various California wineries will donate their wines.

Kids will have fun in the Duck Festival as they would have the beach, games, prizes, bounce houses and giant rubber ducks.

But the highlight of HB’s Duck Festival is of course the Rubber Duckie Race.

Name and Cheer For Your Duck

To join, one would purchase a regular sized rubber duckie and they are entered into the race.

Your duck, along with thousands of others will be ceremoniously dumped off the Huntington Beach Pier with a band playing in the background. Huge bulldozers will haul and toss them over and into the surf below as all the competitors yell and cheer.

All the ducks will hopefully float and start to race towards the shore with the incoming tides. And the first ducks to arrive will win prizes for their owners.

People normally purchase raffle tickets to help their communities out but it’s hard to beat all these fun and games for one entire weekend in the name of charity.

So next year, we can all plan to offer our support and come to the next Annual Duck-A-Thon Fundraiser. Check out HB’s Calendar here.

Watch the Official Aerial Coverage of HB’s 2011 Duck-A-Thon in HD, click here .


19th Annual Duck-a-thon