An American View on the Turmoil and Unrest Throughout the World

When I turn on the television at night, the news is on almost every channel. What I hear is gunfire. If it’s not in Libya, then it’s Yemen or Syria. The crowds in the streets fighting with the armies. Solders shooting civilians and bombs raining down from coalition forces.

I see long standing governing parties being ousted one after another, as people rise up and fight for their civil rights. Something unheard of until recent times. Iron fists have smashed rebellions back. Rebels fight but never accomplish much of anything, because they have no organization or leaders, or their arms are so limited they are quickly pushed back or killed.

These people have been living in the communication dark ages. Now enter the communication era. Let the world all of a sudden see what they’ve been missing. It’s been said that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, some of these people are just seeing grass for the first time. A more common saying where they come from is “I’m still on the right side of the grass”, once again, if they had any.

Once a human being is shown grass, they always want some. When someone has to run across the sand, because slows no good in 120 degree sand and all of a sudden they learn that there is earth somewhere out there, that has lush green lawn for the feet to brush through, as you stroll along. It becomes an appealing thought to maybe go there, or at least try to grow some grass. (I’m speaking metaphorically of course)

Now we have a communication line to the world. No matter where you are today you can find out where the grass is greener. This is going to either be a great thing, maybe uniting the human beings of the world in a great democratic global society, or destroy the world as we know it, while we all fight over the good grass.

I for one believe that the fight will be fierce. Those who survive may at some point realize, that peace is the only eventual answer that can sustain human life for any amount of time. This is simply because if you choose war, then you eventually, even as a winner will run out of people to fight.

So as I sit and flip the channels trying to find out which country is going to up-rise next, I wonder how long it will be before the fight gets closer to home. I know the grass outside where I live is pretty green. To date the distance has many Americans watching from afar. Their safety guaranteed by the United States Armed Forces.

I ask myself, when will the war part stop and the rebuilding begin? How many have to die before just enough are left to realize the fighting is accomplishing nothing, except death and horrible loss and suffering?

Some day the remaining people will fix this mess that humanity has gotten itself into and the only real question is how many will be left to pick up the pieces’

My thoughts and blessings go out to the world, for the expedition of whatever may be necessary to get through the hate and begin the healing. I am afraid however, that we all have a long road to go down. Before the rebuilding of the world can begin, hundreds of years of oppression and abuse will be paid for first.

The voices of the down trodden are finally being heard around the world by those who care and all of a sudden these formally silent voices, are getting an answer. I for one say “It’s about time”.

This article is just one mans’ thoughts’ on the state of the global unrest and where we may be heading. I can see however, many Americans around me watching the same channels and thinking the same things. One of the worst fears i have is that I may be spot on.