An Afternoon with Mom on Mother’s Day: A Short Fiction Story

An Afternoon With Mom On Mother’s Day: A Short Fiction Story

Funny Mother’s day short stories

“They’re here!” I cried. “What?” Mom asked. I laughed and opened the door to many relatives. My sister, my nephews, my aunts and my cousins. They came piling in. I heard my mom mutter “Have mercy.” I sighed and tried to ignore her. It was her day. Mother’s day. She started all of this, not me, I thought. A big cake was placed on the table. My mom was sitting there, spry and lively, her age barely showing. A proud 90. She was beautiful. Did she know? I think she did. We all did. She barely had wrinkles. She smiled. “Is it my birthday?” she asked, winking at me. I laughed. One of my aunts did not get the joke. “It is Mother’s day!” she indignantly stated, flashing her eyes at all of us, as if we had committed the unpardonable sin of not informing mom that is was a special day. Oh, she knew.

My sister had brought my mom the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It was in a huge crystal vase, she sat it on the floor and looked at me. We grinned the grin of amused kin. Mom had noticed the huge cake and asked why it did not have any candles on it. My mom’s wit is funny, dry and you really have to have tough skin not to get offended. I informed her that she did not deserve candles this year. She laughed and smiled her approval at me.

Just then, another nephew arrived and as he entered, his beloved golden retriever Ben bounded happily in. I do not think that Ben had ever been indoors before. He raced around the living room in frantic circles then hiked his leg up and promptly watered my moms bouquet of flowers sitting on the floor. My sister screamed. We all started trying to shoo the dog out of the door. At the same time. Five folks met head on, in the middle of the living room, one dog underneath and we all sprawled there, on the floor, in one glorious pose. The dog started growling, with about five hundred pounds of weight on him, he was not too happy. My nephew grabbed Ben by the collar and hauled him out. My mom stated from her position of queen for the day at the table that she bet noone had invited Ben. I looked up at my sister, we were still trying to get up off of the floor, and we just burst into laughter. We couldn’t stop. Mom again commented “What a big dog!” We howled. It took ten more minutes to overcome the hilarity of the moment and clean up.

The cake was finally cut and passed out. An aunt had brought sparkling wine and we all poured a glass and toasted mom. Mom tasted her’s and asked “What is this crap?” I tried not to laugh, I really did. I held it in until she said to me “Honey, hand me a beer out of the frig.” My nephews all started laughing and said, “We need one, too!” My aunts were horrified. I discretely poured mom her beer in a dixie cup and handed it to her. She winked at me and said “Cheers!” I started laughing. My sister looked innocently around and then winked. She had brought a bottle of blackberry wine, to be shared by the only really cool part of the family, including my mom.

Mom opened her presents and one of them was a bread maker. She rolled her eyes around and said “Wow!” The guests soon departed and mom said to me “Honey, if I have not made homemade bread by the age of 90, why should I now?” I couldn’t answer that one. Mom then informed me that the most exciting guest of the day was the dog. I have not stopped laughing yet. I think next year, we will take her to nice restaurant for Mother’s day. But, she probably won’t have as much fun. Happy mother’s day!