Amy Adams Next Lois Lane in Superman Universe

Casting Amy Adams as Lois Lane came a bit out of nowhere yesterday. Before becoming the new Lois, Adams looked set to land her next big role in Rock of Ages. Yet she may still join that highly anticipated musical and go back and forth between singing and being saved by Superman. Director Zack Snyder made that announcement yesterday, as he filled the latest big piece of his Superman puzzle.

On the same weekend that Snyder’s Sucker Punch failed to win the box office – and was also largely panned by critics – he cast another key role for his next movie. His version of Superman already had Brit Henry Cavill as the next Man of Steel, with Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as his human parents. Now he has his new would-be love interest to go along with it.

There were doubts on whether Lois Lane would be in the film, but they were instantly answered by bringing Adams on board. On the heels of her third Oscar nomination for The Fighter,she has become the third big screen version of the Daily Planet reporter, after Margot Kidder and Kate Bosworth.

The age difference between the two leads has already been noticed, as Adams is nine years older than the 27-year-old Cavill. In the last Superman film, Brian Singer cast a then 23-year-old Bosworth in the part, but Snyder is going in a different direction this time.

Although Adams is usually associated with perkier roles, she showed a tougher side in The Fighter,which should help her fit right in as Lois. Ironically, she might take another part as a reporter in Rock of Ages,but she is still only “in talks” to join that film, according to OK Magazine.

This latest Superman is starting to collect an accomplished cast, with Adams joining Lane and Costner. Although there may be new doubts about Snyder after Sucker Punch,three Oscar nominees are now set to support him, as well as relative unknown Cavill.

Now that they have their Lois Lane and Ma and Pa Kent, the next big step is to find a villain – whether it’s Lex Luthor, General Zod or another foe. Rumored contenders currently include Viggo Mortensen, Boardwalk Empire‘sMichael Shannon, and Carlos star Edgar Ramirez. Shannon was bandied about as the favorite a while back, but with Mortensen no longer attached to one of the many Snow White projects out there, he could be the latest front runner.

Either way, the latest Man of Steel adventure is one step closer, with Amy Adams certain to rev up hopes further. But there’s still a ways to go before Superman flies again in December 2012.


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