Amusement and Theme Parks to Visit While You Are in Utah

Great, you have decided to visit Utah and want to know what there is to do here that you can do with the family. I have some ideas that won’t totally break the bank. Taking the family out for some fun, especially in this economy can take some imagination and know how to find some great deals to get more bang for your buck.

The first on my list of favorites is Lagoon. Anyone who has been there compared to the others around can say they never had a dull moment there. They introduce something new to the park almost every year and even when riding on one of the older rides they tend to not disappoint.My favorite rides there will alway’s be Rattlesnake Rapids, The Log Ride, and The Tital Wave. True they are older rides, but anyone visiting the park for the first time should ride these rides. The Beach Boy’s even played there in the 60’s and made the song “Salt Lake City” following that. They have everything from Kiddieland to rollercoasters and Frightmares, which is a yearly attraction.Their season starts in April, but only on weekends and finally going to a daily schedule after Memorial Day in April through October 29th. They have great group rates and all day passes are reasonably priced starting at $27.95 and going to $43.95. You can find Lagoon in Farmington just east of I-15 off of exit 322.

Cherry Hill is another amusement park just outside the realms of Salt Lake City in Kaysville, just on a smaller scale than Lagoon. Cherry Hill offers batting cages, miniature golf, concerts and one of the best water parks in the state. Groups of 20 get discounts on their entrance fees. Activity prices start at just $4 and go to $30. If you are looking for a day out with the kiddies that won’t be where it is just too crowded to enjoy yourself this is the place to go.

Another on the list as far as waterparks go is Raging Waters. The Rage as it is commonly called by the locals is located in Salt Lake City on 1200 W and 1700 So. They open their season on May 28th and run through September 2nd. They too have a kiddie area, with awesome slides and a lazy river. Their prices are ranged by height not age and go from $6.95 to $21.95.

Trafalga is another with some great activities in store.Trafalga is one of the sister companies to Seven Peaks, and has two locations in Utah. One is in Orem at 168 So. 1200 W., and the other is located in Lehi at 1320 N. 300 W.They both offer Go Karts, and an arcade. They have comparable pricing and they range from $12-$30. Look for date night pricing as well as food deals.

Boondocks is one that is open seven days a week. They are only closed for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They have rides, arcades, a kiddie area, as well as some seasonal activities. Their pricing is based on height and range from $18.95 and go to $24.95. There is plenty to keep the kids busy with and mom and dad can have some fun too.I have taken numerous kids there for fieldtrips and can say they were never bored and when we left they were exhausted.

Hollywood Connection is a fun center that too has much to do. They have a carousel, and kids rides and games at reasonable pricing. The movie theater is a little costly but you can catch a movie almost anytime you want to see one. Their movie phone is pretty easy to navigate and they don’t have long treacherous lines to wade through to get your favorite movie snacks. Weekends are a little busier, but with most of the people taking their dates there you have to expect that. They have 12 theaters with roomy seats, and more times than not your feet are not sticking to the floor as with most movie theaters. Don’t forget to check out their 50’s style diner with authentic Cherry Coke made the old fashioned way, among the rest of their fun and nostalgic menu. The Hollywood Connection is located at 3217 Decker Lake Drive.

The last one on my list is one for the smaller kids. It is like Lagoon but on a smaller scale. Jungle Jims is one great place to take the kids on a rainy day.They offer a carousel, bumper cars, and a jungle patrol that the kids 1-7 would enjoy. There is also a soft play area for the smaller kids to play in. they are located at 739 E. Ft. Union Blvd. in Midvale. Their prices are comparable starting at $1.29- $69.90. Go visit them for a safe place to corral all the little ones.

Well, there you have it. A list of my favorite spots. Go ahead and give them a try. The sanity you may be saving is your own. To get more information most of these locations have their own website.