America’s Reaction to Bin Laden’s Death

Since Sunday evening when President Obama announced that a special operations unit had killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan we seem to have become a little disoriented America. Surely we needed time to absorb the news and reflect on what Bin Laden’s death meant to each of us individually and to our nation. The family members of those killed on September 11, 2001 and those military men and women who died going after Bin Laden and protecting our freedom need time to process the news and discover the role it plays in their grieving process.

I am concerned about the thirst that we have to see the video, pictures of the corpse and other details about Bin Laden’s death. I am concerned about the message we are sending to our children about hate, revenge and how we respond to it. Are we in our response to Bin Laden’s death teaching our children how to hate, are we not showing them how hate can absorb and change you in a negative way? Surely we are not giving a lesson on how to confront hate with dignity and grace.

I do not want to see the pictures of Bin Laden’s corpse with his brain pouring out of his head, and a gaping hole in his chest as the news reports allege; seeing that would not make me feel any better, it would not make him any deader. Releasing such might only inflame those who still hate us. In spite of what he did, he was a human being and that fact alone demands that his physical body be treated as such.

We have always been a nation that exemplified grace under fire, compassion in the face of treachery and above all class; we do ourselves and our constitution and democracy a disservice it we allow our hate for a man that is now dead, to propel us to become in part that which we did that we do despised.

Let us be grateful for President Obama’s leadership and determination to bring Bin Laden to justice (not death), let us be grateful to the navy seals who risked their lives to carry out his command and let us be prayerful and sensitive to the families of those that lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. Bin Laden is gone, let us not allow him to take more from us than he already has, let us not allow him to lose ourselves, let us stand tall and proud like lady liberty and justice, holding high the light of justice, not hate. What I suggest that we now do with Bin Laden’s death is use his hatred as fertilizer and plant with it seeds of equality, acceptance, understanding and love to grow a better and united America.