America’s Favorite Made Up Words

So, if you’re all “fahoodled” over what America’s favorite made up words are, you’re not alone (fahoodled, by the way, means to become confused by thinking of too many things at once). Learn what America’s top 10 made up words are that we love to use, what they mean, and a few other words just because they sound neat!

10: “Lingweenie”- it’s a person who can’t produce neologisms… WTF is a neologism, you ask? Uhh…I dunno. Ahahaha- it’s actually a newly coined word or the use of new words. A “lingweenie” is a neologism…hmm…
9: “Snirt”- snow that is dirty, like half snow, half dirt- snirt! As in, “that nasty snow on the side of the road looks like snirt!”
8: “Slickery”- I actually use this. It’s a word to describe super slick and wet surfaces. “This sidewalk is slickery as hell!”
7: “Phonecrastinate”- to put off answering the phone unless caller ID shows the name/number of the person calling. I would say to put off returning a phone call once you avoid answering said phone, since you already know who is calling and you don’t want to talk to them. I “phonecrastinate” all the time.
6: “Gription”- oh, hahaha- it’s to describe friction- “Check out the gription on my new bike tires!”
5: “Cognitive Dysplasia”- where you know you will forget something before you leave the house and then forget what it was you were going to forget until you are already gone…am assuming you try to remember what it was you will forget so you don’t indeed forget. And with a brain that fahoodled, no wonder you forgot what you thought you would forget!
4: “Chillax”- to hang out, a mix between chilling and relaxing. To think I was the only one who says this…
3: “Woot”- a sound of joy or excitement- I’m going to start using it. I thought it was the sound your “other” private part made, but I guess not…
2: “confuzzled”- to be confused and puzzled at once. What, they are not the same?
And the non-word we love the most? You can’t tell me you’ve never used this word before…it’s GINORMOUS!!! Really, ginormous is our favorite made up word! Bigger than enormous, bigger than giant, ginormous!!!

Other made up words America loves? “Chizzy” (awesome), “schwack” (a large amount of something), “craugh” (cry/laugh at the same time), “lasterday” (any day before today), and “squinched” (the act of squeezing into a small space). Aren’t we just creative?