America’s Drug Addiction Spawns Drug War Violence

The carnage in Mexico is appalling as the drug cartels and anyone without social conscience kill with a vulgar disregard for human decency. Beheadings, torture, slashing, horrible sensational and barbaric flood the Internet and media worldwide condone and encourage the continuance of these actions. Once upon a time, Mexico was a haven for vacationers filled with peace and quiet, tranquility found in few places and a sense of safety. Ah yes the key phrase is “once upon a time.” The Mexico of today is more reminiscent of a bad kill or be killed movie.

Mexico has a history of revolutions and change, but this drug revolution has created a Mexico only the very foolish would venture to visit. I cannot imagine visiting Mexico, much less living in Mexico. Recently approached about a job in Mexico I would not consider such an “opportunity,” because my life is worth more than the over inflated salary, and no bodyguards nor special vehicles could guarantee safety when megalomaniacs wish to flex their power.

What I find appalling is with our economy in such a disarray and states laying off teachers, closing schools, cutting medical care and child care, we are going to give another 200 million to fight drugs, not in Mexico, but in Central America. Here is the dilemma of foreign aid often given to corrupt governments deposited in the bank accounts of those officials. And anyone who tries to make a difference, do something about these cartels or whoever, often ends up dead.

What a mess America has created with its illicit drug use. Our drug addicts no matter the amount consumed, have created a world of greed and horrible corruption in places where poverty is rampant and many young do not believe they have any other means to get those items the rest of the world appears to own. If we didn’t provide a drug market, so much of this death, suffering and torture would not be happening in Mexico and elsewhere.

Who would not be tempted to make money off this illegal industry that spends about sixty, yes sixty billion dollars a year? Here is an example, and you simply need to take out a pencil and calculate the rest of this story:

“Imagine a typical weekend in New York City. Experts estimate that at least one percent of the population – 80,000 plus – spends $200 on illicit drugs. That alone would amount to $16 million dollars a week or $832 million a year. And that’s just New York.” Oriana Zill & Lowell Bergman

In turn, we have spawned our industry of prisons, healthcare including rehabs and residential treatment centers, poverty, raised crime rates to support addictions and so forth. This drug usage and addiction has destroyed lives, careers, families and futures. Perhaps the violence has spread to the United States, but the violence is more subtle, more insidious because of the long term effects. War on drugs must start here to effectively combat drugs elsewhere.