Americans Need Hats'”Plain and Simple

What we need in American society are more hats. If the Brits can do it, so can we.

I’m not talking about backward-facing baseball caps or those heat seeking knit stocking caps in summertime. I’m not talking about that handmade knitted creation that is popular with college kids these days that resembles an 1860s snood. And, I’m certainly not talking about the dorky looking beanie that absolutely no one can wear.

I’m talking about good ‘˜ole British society hats like the ones we saw last week at the royal wedding of HRH Prince William and HRH Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Americans wore hats. They were popular into the early 1960s, but seemed to fall out of fashion'”unless it was a cap that advertised your favorite sports team or told people to “just do it.” I’m guilty. I have my John Mabry baseball cap. I call it my thinking cap and I do wear it backwards.

But, just image how creative our world would be if we brought back fashion hats. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine the look on your co-workers face when you walked in to work tomorrow wearing the incredibly bizarre hat the Princess Beatrice sported for the royal wedding. Don’t pick beige'”that would be copycat like. Pick — .blue. What exactly was that anyway? How does someone with her upbringing and money find such a creation and decide that it’s the perfect compliment for the royal wedding of the century?

Then there is that colossal beige monstrosity that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwell balanced on her head. It just about toppled her over on the ground as she managed a deep curtsy for her mother-in-law the Queen. I suspect there were actually counter-weights installed just to keep her standing up straight'”an interesting concept that has probably been tried by one or more hat designers. Try working a day behind the counter at McDonald’s wearing something like that. It may not compliment the uniform, but it will be entertaining for the customers.

Then there is the perfect hat that HRM Queen Elizabeth II selected for the occasion. Of course, the Queen is the ultimate hat selector and never gets it wrong. Her choice was butter yellow crowning piece and it worked perfect for her outfit. She always seems to look regal in whatever hat she chooses. I totally think the teller at my local bank would look stunning in a similar piece when I look at her through the drive-thru window. It would certainly make me want to go to the bank more often to see what she picked that day.

Don’t get me wrong'”I love hats. We need more hats!